Pros and Cons of Virtual Office


Thanks to the rapid growth of technology, business and the way people work are changing. A virtual office is a growing option for many companies and there are quite a few great reasons why. While virtual office can provide a variety amenities which include mail forwarding, administrative services, office training, meeting, and conference rooms that are created using the newest technologies, it is also available 24/7 for convenience. However, there are also some downfalls that you should consider, so we have compiled a list of the top most important pros and cons to help you make the most assertive choice.

Pros of Virtual Office

l Cost Efficient

When taking into account that you will be saving quite a significant amount by not paying rent on an office space while still allowing you to maintain professionalism, which really is great. A Virtual office will definitely reduce costs when it comes to not only renting an office space but also on utilities, furniture, and equipment costs can also be avoided. Additionally, your employees will also save a great deal of money, considering that there will be no commuting costs involved while working from the comfort of their own homes.

l Environmentally Friendly

Because all documents, quotations, reports, transactions, and tenders will be forwarded using emails within the virtual office, resulting in minimal paper usage. Therefore, it is undeniably an environmentally friendly way to work which will benefit everyone in the long run.

l Risk-Free Growth

Companies that opt for virtual office are privileged with control over their investments when expanding and branching out to new markets as they will not need to invest in the set up of new offices.

Cons of Virtual Office

l Technological Restrictions

Unfortunately, because a virtual office relies on technology and the internet to run smoothly, you will have to take into account that technological constraints are applicable. If the internet is down, or an employees laptop is not functioning correctly, business will be affected as there will be an issue with your primary communication channel. However, having an expert team of I.T professionals available to travel or alternatively, locating I.T professionals nearest to your employees can minimize the interruptions, although, this will be a costly option.

l Limited Control Over Employees

Ensuring that your employees really are working from home may be a tedious task, especially when considering that there are no real means available to ensure that your employee really is experiencing technical difficulties or if they simply do not intend on working. While you could enforce strict schedules to motivate your employees, the productivity and attendance of your staff will greatly impact your business and payroll.

l Lack of Social Interaction Between Employees

This questionable downfall may have a noticeably negative impact on the productivity and motivation of your employees. Because social interactions within the workplace often result in employees encouraging one another as a team, promoting a team of remote employees to work together as a team may be a significant downfall when opting for a virtual office. It may be a great idea to encourage remote interaction between employees and host routine team meetings to ensure that your employees are not experiencing feelings of complete isolation when working from home.

Should You Consider Opting for Virtual Office?

When taking into account that most of the negative aspects surrounding the use of virtual office for your company do actually have potential solutions, it may be a great option to keep your costs down, especially if your business is a start-up. The affordability is understandably the biggest selling point of virtual office because this diminishes most of the risks when starting a business or when branching out. Additionally, it is environmentally friendly, providing a “green” working environment for your business, which really is great. The few downfalls can be overcome using initiative and enforcing strict ideals within your workforce.

virtualA virtual office is growing in popularity as a cost-efficient way of running your business, providing virtual assistants and eliminating the labour issues involved with traditional staff. The flexibility involved is extremely convenient and not just for your employees. Virtual office accommodates and eliminates many aspects of running a business and even though there may be some potential negatives to consider, it really does seem to be a revolutionary technology that will definitely benefit your pocket and the environment when compared to a conventional office space.