Proxy Service: The Highest Level of Security and Speed


The proxy service is an advanced and developed set of tools and network services. It is used for many purposes where a client would normally connect with the proxy server in order to send a request, such as opening a web page or accessing a certain file. It has the power to filter and evaluate every request and IP address, then the request that was verified will be forward to the pertinent server that will request the service on behalf of the client. A proxy server is simply used to provide internal system security, give access policies for assessing employee progress and for tracking organizational Internet use, scan for malicious software and viruses, bypass parental and security controls, speed up resource access, avoid regional restrictions, and allow websites to create requests to externally hosted resources.

According to TorGuard, a proxy server simply has the power to help clients by protecting their most valuable and confidential information from getting hacked. It prioritizes clients by ensuring that their personal information is safe and secure. It also enhances the privacy level and security of the device of the client while browsing the Internet through various proxies. Hiding your legitimate IP address while surfing the Internet can be done by having cross-platform, multiple browsers compatible, and advanced SSL/HTTP proxy.

The Value of Proxy Service

For instance, you are the client and you would like to use a proxy server in order to access a particular web page. The proxy server will receive your request and perform it on your behalf by analyzing and finding the local cache and return it to you without the need of forwarding your request to the Internet. However, if the proxy server will not be able to locate the web page in its local cache, it will request from the web instead without using your IP address. It will use one of its IP addresses and will forward the page to you.

In short, it will act as an intercessor or a link between the server and the client who is requesting a specific service.

Advantages and Benefits of Proxy Service

There are many advantages when it comes to using a proxy service such as the following:

  • Hiding the real IP address
  • Unblocking services and websites
  • Downloading anonymously
  • Support complex browser extensions
  • Ensure Internet privacy
  • Performance and speed

With the use of an anonymous proxy, you can change your geographic location to any country that you would like and feel free to browse without worrying about advertisements and websites revealing your real location. Additionally, a proxy server can be used to bypass websites that are blocked. An example would be accessing blocked websites in some schools, offices, or any organizations for some reasons or accessing websites that have restrictions for some countries. Access geographically restricted content easily by allowing the proxy server to unblock websites for you and to ensure complete privacy by downloading anonymously through the use of their optimized P2P servers.

Last but not least, it has a very good cache system that allows clients to speed up the access data and browsing. Whenever you decide to access any kind of website through the use of a proxy server, you have the possibility of storing your desired data into the proxy server’s cache system. You can access it whenever you want as a result.

Start Using a Proxy Service

Each and every one of us knows the risks of downloading online without any protection. It is possible that someone will be able to track your downloads and monitor your activity by identifying your IP address. Insufficient privacy causes a lot of problems and inconvenience, and this is the main reason why a proxy server secures your IP and provides you safe connection. Browsing and downloading is nobody else’s business but your own.

Choose a proxy server that contains support for complex browsers and is easy to set up with any program. Have a compatible proxy server software that is easy to install on any operating system such as Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, and a lot more. In addition to this, you will be able to have unlimited access to thousands of HTTP and SSL proxy IP addresses more quickly. Maximize your time when browsing the Internet or accessing certain data by using a proxy service.