Python language – why is this technology so popular?


People who are seriously interested in programming should first think seriously about choosing the right language. According to many IT specialists, Python is the best choice for beginners. In this article, you will learn what are the biggest advantages of this language, which makes it stand out from the competition and what is its use.

What is the Python programming language?

Python is a very popular object-oriented programming language, which is used on a large scale to create various programs. Its greatest advantages are simplicity and versatility. You can find many free and paid libraries and advanced tools that significantly facilitate programming. The dynamic Python language is constantly being developed and can boast a very wide range of users. Most programmers also appreciate the language for its readability, ease of use and unprecedented productivity. 

What is it mainly used for?

Thanks to the Python language you can write virtually anything, so the language can boast a very broad application. The frameworks written in Python are used by the biggest companies, which is of course the best proof of its popularity. Nowadays, however, the language is most popular in machine learning and data science. Django, a backend framework that allows creating not only simple business card pages but also advanced websites and web applications, deserves special attention. Not many people are also aware of the fact that Python is used as a scripting language in various applications that are written in other languages. This includes programs such as Gimp, Blender or Inkscape. More and more rarely, Python uses desktop applications, such as Dropbox, for example. At the very end, it is worth mentioning that Python is more and more often used for designing computer games. 

Why do programmers choose Python?

First of all, it is worth mentioning that Python is one of the easiest to learn programming languages, so it is the best language to start. There are many job offers on the market concerning this language and according to the biggest specialists, this situation will not change soon. People who associate their future with programming and want to get a well-paid job are betting on Python. The great popularity is also because the language is available completely free of charge on many different platforms, which is why so many programmers take advantage of its great boon. The biggest advantages are also reliability, excellent optimization, quality and mobility. Programming in Python is very pleasant and fast. The language is easy to use and most importantly, there is a very wide range of tools to use. This language will appeal to those who prefer high quality and speed in the first place. Python is treated by many programmers as an object-oriented scripting language. The code written in Python is very clear and, most importantly, it can boast high performance.

What is the future of this language?

As mentioned above, Python is nowadays one of the most profitable programming languages, which is desired by the largest companies not only in the IT industry. Its popularity is directly proportional to the huge boom in big data, data science and machine learning. It is worth mentioning that the language is made available as an open-source project, so it is constantly being refined to meet the growing expectations of users. The Python language will most likely play a very important role in machine learning, more specifically in the development of artificial intelligence.