In just the last few years, Quantified Commerce has made a name for itself in India and across the globe. The company has developed successful products, marketed new launches, and delivered on the best brands to consumers all over the world.

As they continue to grow, more and more people are beginning to learn just what makes this company successful. They have had quite a bit of success so far, but in many ways, they are just now scratching the surface. Here’s a closer look at a few things everyone should know about them.

They Use an E-Commerce Business Model

Staying on the cutting edge of business development, Quantified Commerce uses an e-commerce business model. This likely would not have worked just a few years ago, as many in India were still not fully connected to the internet on a consistent basis.

An e-commerce model offers a number of benefits for Quantified Commerce, which in turn benefits the consumer. For starters, they are able to offer lower prices. They also can offer more variety, because they are not as restricted as a normal store would be.

There are obviously shipping costs and the delay of service they must deal with when working with consumers, but more and more people are very aware of this being the norm these days. By delivering a great experience in the e-commerce world, more and more people are beginning to trust the company and everything they provide.

They Build Digitally Native Beauty Brands

To go along with the e-commerce business model, Quantified Commerce also works to build digitally native beauty and skincare brands. Digitally native essentially means that the brand was built entirely in the digital space and not in a brick and mortar store. Beauty brands have often come with a lot of pricey overheads, but being digitally native makes everything a lot more affordable.

Most beauty products are relatively small and inexpensive to ship, so people can enjoy this opportunity to save money. Some of the products offered by Quantified Commerce are much, much cheaper than alternatives because of this. Cheaper prices are always going to attract customers, but those customers can turn on a company if the product is not up to par. Fortunately, it delivers on that aspect as well, which has kept Quantified Commerce growing in a positive direction in both India and around the world.

They are Based in India and the US

The United States is known as one of the leaders in e-commerce, so it makes sense that Quantified Commerce has a base in the United States as well as India. Many of the things they have learned as a company in the US have been applied to India as they continue to grow.

Being a global brand opens up a lot of different opportunities for any type of business. Agam Berry, the Co-Founder of Quantified Commerce, knew early on that he wanted the company to be in the United States as well as India. It makes it easier to be relatable to consumers in both countries when customer service is needed. Quantified Commerce reviews are quick to point out the advantages to having locations in both the US and India.

Learn More About Quantified Commerce

The best way to learn new things about Quantified Commerce, or to simply keep up with them, is to check out their website at quantifiedcommerce.com. You can also follow them on social media to get more e-commerce tips and insights.