Questions To Ask When Designing Your Company Logo


Your logo is the face of your company. It symbolizes the business you do and how you’re recognized. After naming your company, designing its logo should be your next task.

The logo of your company represents what your business stands for. It will be on all of your products and everywhere the name of your company goes.

The first impression is made by the logo. It might be something the customer is interested in or might be too plain to notice. The reaction you’re expecting is in your hands.

You need to rid your mind of any confusion before you start designing the logo.


Yes, You Need A Logo

It is paramount that a company has a logo. An interesting one can invite questions along with the required publicity. A good logo will constantly attract the attention of new customers.

Over a period of time, the company will be identified by the logo. Being recognized by your logo will mean more recognition for the company. In turn, this translates to better business.

Yes, It Has To Be Interesting

You’re trying to capture the attention of your customers. So it has to be interesting. It needs to raise questions and create curiosity in the viewer’s mind.

Yes, There Are Others Who Can Design It For You

There are freelancers and websites you can contact to design your logo online. You need to give them a brief overview of your company and the kind of logo you are looking for.

Yes, There Are Many Types Of Logos

There are 6 types of logos out there. They have been categorized based on design.


  • Pictorial marks


These are icons or pictures that represent the logo of the company. These are generally made using graphic design. These logos are represented by brands that are already established. The logos are enough to recognize them.

The most important thing is to consider is the picture you’re choosing. You have to decide if it is relevant to your company and if it has any deeper meaning. Examples are Apple, Twitter, Instagram etc,. These are the first companies that come to mind when you think of logos in this category.


  • Lettermark


These typography based logos have a few letters in them. They are made of initials of companies that have very long names.

A few to name are HBO, HP, and NASA.

In cases like this, the font of the text is also important. It has to be on par with the business you do. The logo has to be visible against the background. Consider a lettermark if your business has a long name. If you aren’t an established company, be sure to write the full form at the bottom. This is advisable so that people learn more about you.


  • Wordmark


This is similar to a letter mark. They solely focus on the brand name. They’re created in strong fonts and colors. These are generally successful with strong brand names. The name, combined with a strong font, is sufficient to make a statement.

A great example for this is ‘google’. The name itself is catchy. Combined with the logo, it makes for very strong brand recognition. Create a font that captures the essence of your business.


  • Mascots


There are logos with vibrant colors and even cartoon mascots. This makes the company seem fun and interesting. You can have these characters as your mascots to represent your company. On doing so, you have created your own spokesperson.

This is, however, more suitable for a noncorporate setup. Examples of these are KFC’s Colonel Sanders, Planters Mr. Peanut, and Ollie the Oppo. These mascots are of great use in promotional events.


  • Combination Of Both


This is a logo that has text and an image. It can be placed one on top of the other or side by side.

A few examples of these are Burger King, Lacoste, and Shopify. The Shopify logo has a shopping bag on which the watermark ‘Shopify’ is superimposed. It clearly represents that it has something to do with an e-commerce site named Shopify. They help retailers build e-commerce platforms.


  • Emblem


It consists of a text written inside a badge, crest or an emblem. This has a more traditional look to it. These are high detailed emblems. They are generally adopted by the auto industry. The best example for this is the Harley Davidson logo. It has a classic yet professional look to it.

You have brands like Starbucks also sporting this model of a logo.

Yes, It Has To Be Original

There are thousands of logos out there. Before you design your logo online, look through existing logos. You can derive inspiration from them, but ensure that yours is not similar to something that already exists.

Logos are special since they’re unique for each company. They’re used to recognize companies so, make sure yours is one of a kind.

Ensure you license your company name and its logo.