Questions You Should Ask When Getting Your Phone Repaired


The whole process of getting your phone repaired seems like a scary fever dream in many cases, because the more expensive the phone is, the more you would be concerned over the repairs. Plus, we all know how phone repairs can be notoriously expensive, and this is the reason why iPhone accessories like cases and screen protectors are available in such abundance because people are genuinely looking forward to protect their investment. The same has been happening with Samsung flagships over the past couple of years, especially when you are looking at the foldable series.

Now, if you are searching for affordable phone repair options, you can easily find countless options that are available and choosing the right one is not going to be hard. We are making it easy by telling you about a few questions that you can ask before you decide to give them your phone. That should, at least help you have the peace of mind that the service you are handling is a reliable one and nothing will come in the way, either.

With that said, I would highly suggest that you ask these questions and if you have some more, you can add them from your side, too. That way, you will at least know that you are in the right hands.

What Sort of Replacement Parts Are You Going to Use? 

Let’s start with the main question and that is about the replacement parts that will go inside your phone if the phone does need replacement parts. Why is it important? Well, there are various reasons behind that, really. For starters, the reason why asking about replacement parts is important is because there are times when you might see a lot of repair services using parts that are not original or the parts that have been salvaged from broken phones. 

For a lot of people, this does not really matter but in most cases, you would want to have brand new and original parts, and sourcing those can be a difficult ordeal. That is the reason why such a question is important.

Do You Have Experience With Specific Phone Models? 

One more question that can potentially save you from a lot of hassle is asking them if they have experience with the potential phone models because again, you would want to get the phone you have repaired rather than something else. 

For instance, if you take your iPhone to someone who has never really repaired an iPhone in their life, you will only face more issues as you really will not be able to tell if your phone is going to be repaired the right way, or you will have to foot a larger bill in this case.

Make things easier for yourself and ask this question and you will be in much better hands, too. Once you know that the service you are going to has the right experience and can fix your phone, just hand them the device and you will not face any problems.

Do You Provide Any Warranty on The Parts or Repairs?

Moving on to another important question is asking them whether they are going to provide you with any warranty or parts on the repair. Again, the reason why this is important is that you are already paying a good amount of money for the phone repair and if there are new parts that will need to be installed, then it is better to have warranty on them.

In other situation, if the parts are not covered in any sort of warranty, then the next question that you can present to them is whether or not the repair is covered with any warranty. A very simple and straightforward question that should solve most of the issues for you. The reason why this question is better is that if the repair that they have provided is covered by any warranty, then the technician who handled your device is obligated to fix it if something goes wrong post repair.

What Happens If You Find Other Problems?

Another thing with phone repairs or electronic repairs, in the first place is that when you give your phone over for the repairs, there is a chance that the technician might find some other issues, too. This is a very common thing that happens a lot of the times. Therefore, it is better that when you do ask them about what they will do in case they find another fault.

Now, here are two things that can happen. They will either focus on fixing the issue that they were supposed to focus. However, the alternative is that they will give you a call and inform you about the other issue that they have found and if you would like them to repair all the issues there are.

Of course, they are going to charge you more for the additional faults that they have found but hey, as long as you are in the hands of someone who is good with their job.


If you are giving your phone to someone for repair; no matter how big or small, I understand that you might be nervous about the whole process. There is nothing surprising about that; our phones are a lot more precious than a lot of people might understand, especially in the modern day and age where our phones are more or less our personal journals, or computers.

Therefore, the wiser thing here is that you are focusing on asking these questions just so you can be at peace knowing that your phone is in the hands of someone who knows what they are doing and you will not be handed an expensive paperweight once your phone comes back to you.