Quit Losing Revenue and Getting Headaches From Fraudulent Chargebacks

5 ways

Fighting for the reversal of a fraudulent chargeback is both time-consuming and can cause anxiety and aggravation for the customer that has a legitimate reason. Set a system in place that can help guard against wrongful chargebacks and educate yourself about chargeback pre arbitration so that you have peace of mind and continuity of revenue.

Deciphering Fraud From Legitimate Chargebacks

Trying to determine a fraudulent chargeback from one with merit is not always easy when it can days to receive notification there’s a disputed charge. The banking institution is always on your side and can allow a chargeback for situations in which they aren’t warranted.

The Price of Chargebacks to Customer Service

One major problem with frequent chargebacks is that it makes any company leary of dealing with card transactions. It makes it more difficult for a customer with a legitimate reason for a return or chargeback to get it done without a battle. Having a system in place that alerts to potential chargeback fraud helps reduce this problem.

Get the Chargeback Assistance You Need

Seeking the chargeback representment you need from a company like Ethoca is the most sure way to cut down on fraud and rising numbers of chargebacks. You’ll finally have tha ability to communicate rapidly about chargeback issues, rather than waiting days for answers to disputes.

Make Immediate Monetary Reimbursement Simple

Better determine right away if a chargeback is for the right reasons and make the decision to not fight the process. The customer can be reimbursed faster and is made happier. It reduces friction between merchants, banks, and consumers. Customers will prefer coming to you to do business if the process for legitimate chargebacks is without hassles.

Protect Your Ability to Generate Revenue

Fraudulent or loose chargebacks for buyer’s regret is a way to take money out of your own pocket on a daily basis. Get the alert system in place that’s necessary to protect your profits and business revenue. It’s important to bring in the money you need to stay solvent and operational.

Stop Fraud From Ineligible Chargebacks

It can be difficult to know what every banking institute uses as guidelines to reverse chargebacks. By setting agency services in place that can find this information out quickly, you’ll drastically reduce the number of ineligible chargebacks to your business.

Keep more money coming through and staying in the door of your business by reducing the number of chargebacks that happen on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis. Whether you are a brick-and-mortar business or sell strictly online, losing money through ineligible chargebacks and fraud is a problem you need to combat right away.