Reasons Why Your Company Should Exhibit In 2018


Whatever industry your company is in, there will likely be various retail exhibitions that you can attend, and these events are perhaps the best method of sourcing new clients, as a large majority of attendees are in the industry and are looking for commercial partners. Most companies will exploit this very fruitful marketing opportunity, and regardless of the expense, having a stand at the right exhibition will give you a good return on your investment.

Projecting the Right Image

Exhibitions are golden opportunities to put your very best foot forward, and you should ensure that the exhibition stand builder is not only established, they also have a wide range of stand-alone designs that are modular in design. The right company will spend the necessary time it takes to design the ideal stand, and they would have the resources to ensure that everything is ready on the opening day.

Professional Sales Team

If your sales team is hungry for new business, an exhibition is the perfect arena to make new connections, and with top quality printed media and some video presentations of your products or services, your stand will attract all the right people. The actual location of the stand is very important, and usually rental space prices reflect the best locations, which are typically centrally located near the hall entrance. It always pays to make early contact with the exhibition organisers, to ensure you get the very best spot, and with the year’s major exhibitions planned well in advance, your sales figures should reflect your company’s presence. If your sales force is not performing as it should, there are interesting articles online that delve into the importance of sales training in business.

Concept Designs

Modular systems made from aluminium and composite materials allow for just about any design, and some stand erection contractors pride themselves on being able to come up with a head-turning design for their clients. Modular systems have replaced the timber and papermache forms that once made up an exhibition stand, and carpenters have been replaced by modular technicians who really know the system inside out. Once the stand has been erected, the supplier would give the stand a thorough inspection to ensure that everything is how it should be.

Making Connections

Often, sometime after the exhibition, business might come at a later time, from someone who took a card when they attended the exhibition, and when they needed your specific product or service, they have your contact details. It isn’t always that you receive the benefits from having a stand at an exhibition, and with regular appearances at all the best exhibitions, your company’s image will be improved and more people will be aware of its existence.

Hosting an exhibition stand is all about teamwork, and with the right modular design and furnishings, your area will be visited by many potential new clients. If you would like to explore the design possibilities with modular exhibition stands, an online search should take you to the website of an established provider who can help you build something that will get your business noticed.