What’s going on in the world of SEO? Matter-of-fact? What exactly is SEO? Consider this – you want to generate leads online and get results from your actions. That’s SEO. When crafting online campaigns, everything boils down to how effective your SEO really is. This is how people find and follow you. The right tactics and SEO strategy can help get you right where you want to be.

With the year at an end, getting things in order for the New Year is befitting. One of the most recent and relatable SEO topics: Google.

Google has always been top-of-mind in the SEO space, with companies and brands understanding the power they hold. The annual list of top searches around the world has just been released, with information that can help strategize for the coming year to get impactful results. Searches are done in a variety of areas, including what’s done globally, country specific (U.S.), “how to” inquiries, top GIFs, and more.

In fact, the most searched GIFs included the Floss dance, Cardi B, Fortnight, Dilly Dilly and Fortnite. Capitalizing on this opportunity, if your company uses Instagram and other social media platforms correctly, you could easily use this meme to gain traction within certain audiences.

If your company has a more corporate brand identity, the Top Global News Searches could easily be turned into something that enhances your brand:

  • World Cup
  • Hurricane Florence
  • Mega Millions Result
  • Royal Wedding
  • Election Results

Knowing this information can help the marketing team create campaigns that will resonate with their audience, and use SEO to locate the customers that will be interested in what they have to offer. The right SEO company offers SEO services that will help the client communicate clearly through all channels on the back end, ensuring they achieve results.

Can SEO services use this information?

Absolutely! From a local or global level, SEO services can work for you. What many people don’t realize is that SEO has a number of areas that can help create focus and intent. People search for random things that tend to go viral. The beauty of knowing this information is to help you learn your consumer, find out what they like and are interested in, and use that information to boost your brand. SEO helps put it all together in the background, helping increase rankings, build links, drive qualified traffic to your website, increase conversions, reduce your bounce rates, create content to engage customers, help your brand become recognized as an authority, and optimize the sites and other online activities that will make a difference.

Whether you are a small business or large enterprise, SEO services can help take things to the next level in promoting your business. For more information on finding the  right SEO company and getting the SEO services you need, call an associate at a SEO Company for a free SEO audit and get the traction you want today!