Registration of a company in India is very important for your business


Starting Points

Registration of a company is very important for a private limited company because without the registration a company cannot have the legal entity. By law, a private limited company has its separate legal entity and this is very important for the owner of the company that he or she needs to have the authentication of the concerning company. A private limited company is the famous and important entity in the small, medium and large businesses. India has the importance in this fact because of the different advantages and benefits. IndiaFillings is the best and largest company in India which is offering you company registration in economical and easy way.

Process of Company Registration in India

A private limited company is the corporate legal entity and it is also called a single person and has dealt with the care and importance. Legal company act 2013 and company incorporation act 2014 is allowed the companies to be registered under law and acts. There are some important rules and facts which are available for the registration of private limited company. These are:

  • To register a private limited company it needs to have minimum 2 shareholders and 2 directors.
  • One director and one shareholder will be natural person.
  • Legal entity of a company can be shareholder.
  • A private limited company can be attached the foreign nationals and NRIs as the directors and shareholders.
  • A foreign company or person can be the investor or shareholder of such company which is situated in India.
  • By getting these all legal facts of investors and shareholders of a private limited company, can be beneficial and advantage for the high promotions of that company.

Essential Features of a Private Limited Company in India

There are some important features which are very useful and unique for a private limited company. These features are:

  • A private limited company has the limited liabilities about the protection of the shareholders.
  • There is also a liability to raise the equity of funds.
  • The best feature of a private limited company is that it has its own separate legal status in the world of law.
  • A private limited company has a special existence which made it the most important and best recommended type of business in the professional and personal terms.
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  • We are offering you the comfortable and convenient ways to utilize the registration ans we are giving you the average time for the registration which may take 15 to 20 working days.

Bottom Lines

By summing up all the discussion about the company registration for a private company it can be said that this is the best way to have the online services of company registration. You can get a free consultation and advice from our services with all concerning legal documentations.