Rent Coworking Office Space: All You Need to Know


Coworking spaces are ideal for individuals who intend to work outside their homes, set up new operations in a new environment, or substitute office options to render their services. In the space of five years, shared office spaces have increased around the world at a rate of 200%, which has transcended the use of these offices from being a trend to being a conventional workstyle. Coworking offices are homes to professionals such as entrepreneurs and freelancers. They prefer working from these shared workspaces for various reasons:

  • Rents are cheaper when working in a shared work office.
  • There is a better provision of basic amenities.
  • More aesthetic interior designs which enhance the ambience of one’s working environment.
  • Reduced lock-in periods on a mortgage.

These are some of the advantages that individuals get when working from a shared office space. It is important to know what you want before you decide to choose this type of work environment. Another thing to note before you move in are factors that make such workspaces ideal. However, before we proceed, we need to understand what a coworking office means and the benefits it brings.

A coworking office is a large space in a building that hosts several partitioned cubicles and work stations which are rented out to various tenants based on different contract terms. These terms can be short- or long-termed and are usually calculated based on monthly plans.

For example, a building floor can have 12 cubicles and eight work stations which can be leased ranging from one year to five years, to various entrepreneurs, business owners, freelancers, and other individuals. Depending on the contractual term, the rent is being calculated and paid on a monthly basis. Hence, you can have up to 10 different businesses operating on a single building floor.

It is interesting to note that renting a shared workspace comes with all the benefits that space has to offer. These include front desk services, power backup, network connection, IT and maintenance support, cleaning services, and many more. This implies that you do not need to spend much to set up an office space, as you can easily connect yours to an already available workstation which has all the infrastructures, privacy, and security that you need. Also, it saves you the time needed in setting up a traditional office space.

This makes it an ideal choice for small-scale business owners, entrepreneurs, and freelancers to work effectively and unhindered while enjoying all the benefits that a traditional office space provides. The icing on the cake is that it provides the atmosphere for individuals from different work fields to network and grow their businesses all from a building floor.

However, there is no need to rush into a shared coworking environment as there are several factors that you must consider before doing so.

1.   You Need To Know What To Achieve With An Office Space

This is the first step you must identify before making any moves: finding out what you need in your office space. You can do this can noting and analysing each aspect of your business daily operations, and then determine if moving into a shared workspace will contribute or improve your workflow and business process while saving you cost.

It is important to note if you will be able to save time by doing so, have more productive work time, gain more business clients, and make more profits. At the end of your analysis, if working from a shared space will augment your business and give you the desired result, then it is worth considering.

2.   What Type Of Coworking Environment Do You Need?

Another area of consideration is the type of shared office space that will be ideal for your business or work. Generally, shared workspace comes with three desk categories, depending on which one would be ideal for your workstation: fixed desk, flexible or hot desk, and cabin space.

A flexible or hot desk is a workstation in a shared office space that can be easily attached, detached and worked in. It is the least expensive to get, which makes it the most ideal for freelancers. However, the downside to this setup is that at the end of the workday, the freelancer would have to uninstall the workstation, which can be a herculean and unproductive task to take on.

An optimal choice for small-scale business owners as this type of reserved work station is allocated to the individual based on one’s schedule. It is solely customized and dedicated to meet your everyday business needs.

For business owners that interact more often with clients and process a lot of information and confidential documents, having a cabin space will be the best option. This is a dedicated office space that functions just like a typical office suite and offers access only to you and your business team. It offers you full privacy when compared to other desk types, but the most expensive.

3.   Where Would You Want Your Office Space To Be Situated At?

The location of your office is as important as every other factor. In terms of location, you need to consider accessibility. How is the transport system in that location? Can your team and clients arrive at your office on time and easily? Also, how easy is it to access various amenities such as medical facilities, grocery stores, restaurants, entertainment centres, shopping malls, and other important places? This would help determine how functional and premium your business would be.

Businesses that are located in areas filled with key amenities have a higher tendency to succeed, even though they may be a bit expensive to run. Such areas tend to boost the brand and network of a business. There are factors to consider when selecting a location for your coworking business.

4.   The Size Of Your Budget

The amount you will need in setting up an office space is important in determining which coworking office to go for. How much do you have to spend for the base operation of your business in a shared workspace? Remember, it will be more expensive to run a traditional office that it would cost to run a shared coworking office.

You can save more money by moving your business to a shared business space, where all the benefits of such spaces are made available to you. With the money saved, you can achieve other important business goals.

If you would like to know more about available coworking offices, please visit this link: shared coworking offices.