Repairing VS Replacing Your Phone


A lot of us have attempted to try to go on a “tech cleanse” where we either try to get rid of our phones, laptops, tablets and the like for some time and/or remove all of our social media applications as well. Most people are able to manage a social media cleanse for a while, but we cannot help but subconsciously keep trying to reach for our phone.

It is not easy to rid ourselves of our phones simply because they are such an integral part of our lives now. Over 3 billion people on the planet own smartphones. This number is enough proof of the necessity that phones have become. We text, call, connect on social media, connect with work, go on the internet, take pictures, listen to music and do so many other things on our phone that we cannot help but need it to help us get through different points of the day.

If your phone ever runs into any problems, as would any piece of technology and machinery, you will have to choose between getting it repaired or replaced. If you are looking to get your phone repaired, then you can get the necessary information from BreakFixNow, a website devoted to the subject of phone repairs. Choosing between repairing and replacing your phone can be tricky, this is why we will discuss a few things you need to get in mind the next time your phone is in trouble and you find yourself contemplating between the two options.

  • The most common issue that most phone owners, especially smartphone owners will deal with is a cracked screen. Our screen gets cracked because of any kind of impact, and the extent of damage will vary depending on a number of factors. If you have a small crack, you do not even have to take your phone for repair, however, if the smashed screen is in bad condition, you can take it for repairs. This is where you will assess the extent of the damage and then compare the cost of repairs to the cost of your phone. Getting your screen changed will fix the problem, however, if the damage was very extensive, then a new screen can still have problems, plus, your phone’s resale value will plummet. So, if you do not want to spend too much on a phone that probably will not last as long, it is better to just get your phone replaced, otherwise, you can opt for phone repair services and then continue using the same phone.
  • After cracked screens, the second most common issue smartphone owners face with their own is its battery. Yes, certain manufacturers of phones like the iPhone will not have the great battery life to begin with, however, if you have noticed a significant decline in your battery life and performance in a short period of time, regardless of which phone you have, you should have your phone looked at by a professional. They will examine your phone and let you know whether there is a problem with your battery and if it can be fixed or not. Phones that do have an easily accessible battery make for a quick battery replacement job, however, with most smartphones, accessing the battery requires opening the phone, and this brings down your phone’s resale value exponentially. So, if you do not care about the resale value and your phone is still in good enough condition to continue functioning normally for a while after the repair job, then you can opt for that. However, if your phone is old and already has a myriad of other problems, then it is better to just have the phone replaced with a new one instead of wasting money on repairs that won’t even last that long.
  • If you are noticing your phone hanging, applications crashing, and it randomly rebooting, then you either have an issue with your phone’s processor, or there is potentially a virus in your phone. If these signs are happening frequently, you can take your phone to a professional phone repair service and have them confirm or deny your suspicions once they have examined your phone. This is where once again, you look into your return on investment (ROI). So, if you are not getting a lot out of getting your phone repaired, then there is no point in investing in a repair job when results are not guaranteed. You can instead save that money that would have otherwise gone into repairs and instead take it to buy yourself a new phone. Of course, having a good and reliable phone repair professional will make this decision-making process easier because they will be upfront with you and let you know whether or not opting for phone repairs would actually be worth it.