Responsive Web Design – A Perfect Solution?


Recently there has been an expanding selection of mobile devices and display screen sizes: Notebooks, Desktops, Mobile Smart Phones, Mini-Tablets and Tablets for instance.

“Should you not embrace Responsive Web Design inside the next year, then simply you’ve got a considerable problem.”

Sites on the internet have been made for Desktop devices. With respect to web design, mobile or portable in addition to in-between alternatives, have essentially been disregarded.

Exactly what is Responsive Design?

“Responsive design uses CSS3 media types and expressions to change the format to the viewing circumstances, in conjunction with flexible proportion-based grids combined with adaptive images.”

“Responsive design is a technique for web page creation that employs flexible layouts, flexible images and also cascading style sheet media queries.”

“Responsive design is a functional mechanism, that enables a web site to respond to the dimensions of the visitors display screen, and to adapt to the best fit.”

For instance, the subsequent diagram shows exactly how a responsive design might flow with various devices.

The Benefits of a Responsive Design

A Responsive Design features the following list of benefits: one domain, one website, one code base,  less approvals, one deployment, less meetings,  less need for platform specific apps and the ability to repurpose HTML instead of rewriting. Hence, should you not travel down the Responsive Design route, you need to have a distinct mobile website and even possibly a distinct domain. And so, twice as much hard work and administration will probably be required to manage the extra web site. If you decide in the future that you want to introduce an additional device size, this means that a further layout must be devised, created, tested and deployed. If you happen to be in a larger company, then there would very likely be many business units to connect with not to mention stages of approvals required. This interaction and teamwork is required to be carried out before sign off, tending to add substantially to the time and overheads that an organisation will encounter.

Very few web sites are actually enjoying responsive  design. By implementing at the beginning, your website has got the opportunity to obtain a notable edge over businesses who would prefer not to invest in this technology yet.

Web site software tools including Google Analytics are usually designed to take care of various devices and provide responsive reporting. Just one site means that you no longer need to track visitors, sales, funnels and also redirections between your websites.

Benefits for End Users

There are substantial advantages for end users as content material is going to adjust to their screen size. Put simply, the user should have optimum ergonomics on virtually any screen. Considering their mobile device will load the smaller sized images quickly, this is going to bring about increased usability along with a significantly better browsing experience. Additionally, they will enjoy a uniform experience across many devices and importantly (for sharing and socializing) they can have only one web address across all devices. This basically ensures that site visitors are more inclined to appreciate your business and then move forward (greater conversion rate) should they have a really good experience on your web site.

And so, considering yourself as an end user, why is it fantastic to enjoy correctly scaled components on your device, like a smartphone? Actually, this means that in addition to the web page downloading faster, all of the links will be large, finger friendly buttons. Moreover it is much easier to get around, without needing to continually zoom and scroll horizontally. This will make for an online site which is easier to read through with fundamental information displayed visibly and also a general superior end-user experience.

Website Designer Advantages

Designers will definitely gain an advantage in that it is much easier to keep subject material consistent. In a nutshell, just one web-site update is required to maintain consistent material across many devices. Indeed, there will be extra efficiency by just needing 1 place for code. Designers are compelled to include reduced screen space into thinking from the early stages which is undoubtedly a great thing since this helps keep the website trim and also targeted by actually placing importance on all end users all through the requirements and design stage.

Benefits for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You will have Search Engine Optimization rewards too, because SEO equity is going to be targeted on one web site instead of being shared among several, and this will ultimately suggest that desktop computers and other devices will fare better in search engines. Canonical problems, duplicate information penalties along with the requirement for redirects are generally removed and so your web site is going to be much faster loading and also require a lot less upkeep.


Responsive web designs are occurring now so the dilemma is, should you not respond soon, your competitors might well do so. Due to the fact that the number of website visitors browsing portable displays is now comparable to the number viewing on desktop computer displays, it would be sensible to be a part of the emerging trend and have a responsive design built. Far less frustrated and more impressed web visitors will follow which in turn is going to create stronger customer connections together with brand loyalty and awareness as a result.