Rickshaw for hire in London- A joyful Ride


Have  a joyful ride in London by hiring the rickshaws:

Planning for a trip to London? This time hire a London Rickshaw and experience the city from its heart. London Rickshaws are an organization that was formed in 2003 and since then they are committed in providing the travelers a safe, eco-friendly and a convenient mode of transport.

London as we all know is the capital city of England and the commercial hub of the United Kingdom. London is the most populous metropolitan city in the United Kingdom. Apart from business, London has a large number of museums and other popular sightseeing destinations.

The transport system of London is well developed and it includes all modes of transports like rail, roads, air and water. The transport system of London comprises of London tubes, buses, trams, river bus services, cable cars. One can use them to travel around the city and visit the tourist attractions.

London Rickshaw offers the same convenience and comfort as the above transport modes but it does it in a very eco-friendly way by not polluting the environment with harmful carbon dioxide gas. The London Rickshaw offers two options to the visitors to experience the rich heritage of London.

The first option is Rickshaw tour and the second one is the bicycle tour. The Rickshaw tours are becoming popular among the visitors as each one is becoming more and more aware about their responsibility towards the environment. You can  enjoy travel through busy streets by getting a rickshaw for hire in London .

London Rickshaw

The Rickshaw tours include various packages like seeing the top tourist attractions using a rickshaw. The rickshaw also takes the visitors to a ride to famous restaurants and gastro pubs. The third package is intended towards the visitors who are fond of theatres and the rickshaw takes them to visit the west end’s finest theatres. London Rickshaw has something to offer to every tourist with their wide host of packages like a romantic rickshaw tour for couples or a museum tour and many more. They believe in not only helping the visitors to look around London but also have fun along with the ride. This makes them different from the other monotonous modes of transports.

The trips also include refreshment stops where the travelers are offered special discounts on drinks and snacks. The tour rates are specific to the type of tour chosen and the size of the party opting for it. The rickshaws are completely safe and can easily carry up to three passengers.

The Second option is the bicycle ride. The taxis in London are very expensive and the visitors have to shed a good amount of money on other transports to look around London. Many tourists like to hire a bicycle and look around the city on their own. London Rickshaw has come up with this service as well for such enthusiast tourists.  The bicycles are capable of accommodating groups in the tours as London Rickshaw believes that it is always fun to travel in groups rather than a single individual. The visitors can take the advantage of any of these two options while planning their trip to London and experience London while having fun.