Ringless Voicemail Drops: How to Drop Custom Messages Direct to Voicemail


Have you ever needed to get information to a customer, client, or constituent without the message requiring you to speak with them in person? At the same time, you may want to communicate to them in a more personable way than a simple email or text message, and it’s crucial that they understand the urgency of the message.

Enter the ringless voicemail drop. Ringless voicemail drops bypass a traditional outbound call and deliver a voice message directly to a phone’s voice mailbox. This allows you to get your message out without ever waiting for the phone to ring. It adds efficiency, speed, and personality to your urgent communications.

Here’s how you can drop custom messages straight to a client or constituent’s cell or home phone.

Reasons you may want to use ringless voicemail

Ringless voicemails are a great option for non-intrusive communications, since they don’t ever result in a phone ringing. Instead, they are transmitted on the back-end directly to an individual’s voicemail box. As is the case with all robocalling, there are strict regulations for what constitutes fair use of ringless voicemail drops. That being said, there are still plenty of industries and uses for voicemail drops that constitute fair-use of the platform.

Emergency calls are always considered legal, as are urgent updates from hospitals and healthcare providers. Updates from public utilities, or from schools about closures or schedule changes are also popular uses of ringless voicemail. Political action committees, political campaigns, and market research companies are also able to harness the power of ringless voicemail to deliver messages to constituents.

Non-profit organizations and charities can also take advantage of ringless voicemail to get their messages out to their followers. If you’re ever in doubt about whether or not your use of a ringless voicemail drop would be legal, a ringless voicemail provider can always provide the final word on compliance.

How to create your ringless voicemail

Creating your ringless voicemail is a relatively simple task, thanks to advances in technology. The first step is to write and record your message, which can be done on a computer with a microphone or called in and recorded over the phone. While the former option gives you more latitude with how your message ultimately sounds, many individuals choose to just call their message in for convenience’s sake.

When working on your message, it’s important that you treat it like any other voicemail you would leave to a friend or coworker. That means keeping it casual, to-the-point, and friendly. These qualities, combined with the non-intrusiveness of ringless voicemail make it incredibly effective at increasing your response rate.

How to deploy a ringless voicemail drop

Once you’ve created your custom message, you’ll need to work with a communications business with the technology to deploy your voicemail drop. Many companies make sending ringless voicemail drops as easy as creating a simple user account online. From there, you can upload the list of callers you want to receive your message, as well as tailor other options like when you want the messages to deploy and if you would like to batch calls.

After you’ve scheduled your drop, you’ll need to pay for the service, too. Companies like Stratics Networks offer a host of options for payment, ranging from wholesale pricing and volume-based rates to an unlimited plan which removes limitations and allows you to maximize your minutes.

As you can see, ringless voicemail drops are as simple to create as they are effective. With the right messaging and thirty minutes of your time, you can quickly and efficiently relay important communications to your audience and increase your response time too.

Reach out to a company that specializes in ringless voicemail drops if you’re looking for more information about how their services can boost your business.