The Role of Monitoring Tools in Entrepreneurial Success

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Gone are the days when employee monitoring was considered bad for business. Now, almost every organization has an established monitoring system through which it keeps tabs on its employees’ cellular and internet usage, and it is working quite well for them. An organization generally has to deal with all kinds of employees, some of whom make excessive mistakes, some slack off, some have an urge to leak sensitive documents, some have a habit of violating rules, etc. A well-established company might not suffer as much from these employees. However, if a startup encounters finds itself stuck in such an ordeal, then it is done for. Fortunately, there is a certain technological solution available that is tailor-made to help startups tackle such woes; monitoring tool.

Why Monitoring Tools?

Monitoring tools like MobiStealth spy for cell phone allow entrepreneurs to conveniently keep tabs on their employees’ digital activities. Equipped with some of the most advanced surveillance features, such tools offer a complete oversight of how the workforce makes use of cell phone and internet privileges in the workplace during work hours. There are plenty of situations where this helps owners of businesses that are still passing through the infancy stage. Some of these situations are elaborated below.

Slacking Off at Work

Slacking off during work hours may be ignored to some extent. However, some employees take advantage of this leniency and begin spending an unacceptable amount of time on recreational activities during work hours, e.g. texting, chatting, surfing the web, socializing on social networking websites, etc. This is bound to take a toll on their productivity and performance, something that a startup simply can’t afford since it’s in the process of taking off. Monitoring tool is the best way to deal with this nuisance. By allowing entrepreneurs to keep an eye on employees’ cell phone and online activities, it can be determined whether the situation is improving or if disciplinary action has become necessary. Punishing chronic slackers not only will put them in line, it will also serve as a lesson for others.

Data Leakage

Some employees can deal serious damage to a startup by either leaking proprietary and strategically crucial information to a competitor, or stealing it to set up their own business. It’s nearly impossible to predict this betrayal in advance, but the good news is it’s very much possible to prevent it with the help of monitoring tools. With such measures deployed in the workplace, it can become extremely difficult for employees to secretly leaks sensitive information to a third party or even their own personal accounts as all their digital communications, including emails, are on the radar. The chances of getting caught become so high that only the most dare-devilish of employees would think of taking the risk.

Excessive Mistakes

Employees can make mistakes – it’s just part of the learning curve. However, if mistakes are becoming a regular feature of work that’s being turned in, then it certain requires probing and corrective action. A startup can suffer a lot because of frequent mistakes and allocation of time to their correction since time is money. In many cases, simply deploying a monitoring tool can curtail the problem to a large extent. It’s been observed in various studies that employees tend to make more mistakes when they’re distracted, and the number of distractions have increased exponentially since the digitalization of workplaces. What a monitoring tool does is it keeps employees and their cellular and online activities on an entrepreneur’s radar, allowing the latter to put their finger on the exact problem. This not only keeps employees on their toes, but also encourages them to remain focused and do their best to avoid mistakes in their work.