“Without big data you are blind and deaf in the middle of a freeway”

Geofferey Moore

Today era is all about data and its utilization. With the help of many adverse and immersive set of upcoming technology, we are able to take out optimize solutions from enormous data. Big Data is the huge volume of data being generated every day and that can be mined for information. The data can be structured or unstructured and is often characterized by the 3 Vs: extreme volume of data, wide variety of data types and the velocity at which the data must be processed. Each and every single line/path of business uses big data for its growth. This data is generated from multiple sources such as social media platforms, server logs, web clickstream, mobile apps, database stores, business records etc. Surprisingly, all the limitless data will be generated with the real-time sensors embedded in the devices that will be connected to the internet and that is known as “Internet of Things”. With the help of all these things it helped in the following ways -:

Help the humanity in a new way thinking (new wave)

Improving engagement

Improving product

Improving social outcome and etc.

In every field of cyber security is the key to the new future with better growth, lifecycle and generation. “Shaping history to make history”. Big Data helped in several areas like data mining, cloud computing, banking, marketing, health care, finance, enterprise applications and etc.

Some following sectors in which big data


Big data in banks is a necessity as it face many problems related to reduced interest rate, tighter regulation, unstable financial market and lower performing asset, so they use big data to keep up with the trend. Big data helps to develop new products and services that help customer manage, their finances and save the money, deliver relevant services and offers that fit seamlessly with customer daily lives. It improves the customer experience and retention at the same time generate new streams of revenue for the bank.

Big data in bank help in following ways:-

  • Fraud detention– Firstly they obtain data samples for model estimation and preliminary test and then estimate model while testing and deployment. Since every data set is different, each requires individual training and fine-tuning by data scientists. Transforming the deep theoretical knowledge into practical applications demands expertise in data-mining techniques, such as association, clustering, forecasting, and classification.
  • Risk modelling for investment banks– Now, through the power of Big Data, innovators in the industry are leveraging new technology for effective risk modelling and leads to better data-driven decisions.
  • Managing customer data– Big data firstly isolates relevant data. After that, being armed with information about customer behaviours, interactions, and preferences, data specialists with the help of accurate machine learning models unlock new revenue opportunities for banks by isolating and processing the most relevant clients’ information to improve business decision-making.

To have a competitive edge, banks have acknowledged the crucial importance of data science and integrated it in the decision-making process while developing strategies based on the actionable insights from their client’s data.


Huge amount of data is generated in every single second by computer, smartphones, and connected devices. This fosters new challenges to process and analyse data. Three main dimensions to be addressed in finance through big data are:-

  • Volume- Big data help in managing from small to large set of data.
  • Velocity- Big data help in high velocity which help in high speed data generation and require real time analysis.
  • Variety- A wide range of data for both structured and unstructured data such as text and images.

Now these dimensions can be addressed by big data as it process store and analyse the complex data sets at low cost.In finance, big data can improve forecast accuracy by predicting the analysis based on analysing the past and forecasting the future. This approach also help in cash provision and detecting and acquitting deal. Big data also help in improve operational performance indeed, operational decision is based on facts rather than institution. For e.g.-in leasing industry it help in cash collection performance by applying data driven approach based on text mining techniques according to payment pattern and behaviour, the most appropriate for reminder is chosen. Moreover, this data help in finance through monitoring risks efficiently which consist of major decision making decision making process and anticipating harmful events. So finally it can be said data driven approach allows better daily monitoring business operations and risks through actionable insights.

Big data in finance help in greater understanding of the business specificities and interconnections when data is easily understandable. For instance an industrial player careful analysed its order to pay information which allow the firm to reduce delays and therefore optimize its working capital and there are many more examples of different sectors in which big data is proved to be helpful in finance department. Big data is a great opportunity for finance to bring more value to business through better and business understanding.

Health care

Today, more than ever before patients are taking an increased interest in their health care. They are actually searching for their own care providers at a variety of institutions. Big data is big and only getting bigger health care organisations are gathering approximately 85% more data on average than they did just two short years ago. More data is processed, analysed and stored. The data come from a collection of traditional and non-traditional sources and exists in a wide array of formats such as X-rays scans physician reports and notes or even data from monitors or wearable technologies. Together all this data is creating flood of new health information is an individual piece in the puzzle which together forms the picture of a patient of an overall health. Big data is structure complete and correct and provide best clinical outcomes for patient and support broader population health initiatives quality control tools. It helps to ensure data integrity by correcting errors. Structured reporting tools is used to ensure data consistency and completeness by providing diligence and examination and create simple consistent financial report for referring physicians. It also facilitates population health initiatives by enabling machine based mining of data content such as population demographics, lifestyle trends or previous clinical outcomes. In order to truly leverage big data clinical platforms that provides not only content diagnostic storage and management tools but also guarantee data veracity which is needed to ensure quality outcomes for patients and again valuable insights into population health. Basically, big data helped in better clinical outcomes and improved patient care which results in reducing the overall burden on the health care system. It estimates to generate the annual saving of over 300 billion dollar industry wide, so big data has the potential to dramatically reduce the cost care delivery while enabling a more holistic patient centre approach to care.


Big data is more about the customer than about the product. It’s about understanding, identifying and addressing customer’s needs with the right message, product or service, at the right time, in the right channel.Big data in marketing add higher intelligence and accuracy in the following ways -:

Customer insight and Unique personas : Big data help in providing massive insights into consumer behaviour, which can be translated on the fly into unique personas and better understanding of the aspirational audience of any brand which allow them to personalize better, segment better, and be more relevant in general.

Predictive& prescriptive actions: Big data enable to analyse old customer patterns, forecast customer behaviour and deploy marketing activities that adapt to market conditions.

Improving marketing performance: The Enhanced Modelling and Intelligent Retargeting techniques combined with the anonymous behaviour data with the existing customer data to personalize the messaging and  can be more contextual relevantAnd the linking of customer’s profile information to outbound marketing campaigns, companies suppress ad messages to individuals unsuited for an offer. This eliminate of waste of spending marketing dollars on people who have already become your customer or have little likelihood of taking you up on your offer.

IT Field

New job opportunities and careers are emerging at fast pace for IT professionals in the field of big data. Big data is a term used to describe how corporate gather large amounts of real time data about their customers and to analyse the given data for decision making and to increase profitability. As everything is going to be digital so big data plays a major role so it automatically increase the need of professionals skilled in Big data Hadoop.Big Data Hadoop Training are in the top most category in the field of IT Professionals. Big Data Hadoop training provides students with updated technologies in Big Data framework using Hadoop. Career training course has become mandatory as it adds value to get a high job in IT Professionals.

Big data analytics

Big data analytics is the process of extracting useful information by analysing different types of big data sets. Big data analytics is used to discover hidden patterns, market trends and consumer preferences, for the benefit of organizational decision making.

Data mining

It is a concept which is based on contextual analysing of big data sets to discover the relationship between separate data items. It is used to use a single data set for different purposes by different users so that to reduce costs and in increasing revenues.

As Data is growing in leaps and bounds so is the increase in job openings for Big Data. The tremendous growth of Big Data contributed in various fields such as Energy, Healthcare, Consumer, Manufacturing, Technology and Banking. Professionals with the right amount of analytical skills can master the ocean of Big Data thus becoming a vital asset to his/her organization and thus boosting the business and their careers.Jobs are said to increase at least by 60% in the United States especially in the field Big Data so companies like What After College provides with the necessary training on Android App or Big data training and many more. What after College aims to empower students by helping them understand different career options in big data and attaining their dream career by equipping them with the right set of skills.So as after taking the Big Data training an individual canseize opportunities presented in an ever-changing marketplace.