Sale Analytics Services That Savvycube Provides


Sale analytics is very important to check the growth of any company, especially for e-commerce business. The successful website always shows the sale analytics so that the consumer can develop the trust for a particular online shopping site. These play a key role in increasing the performance, optimizing the sales activity as well as the improve the accountability of the particular site. The proper sales analytics define the strategy of the sales team working on a particular project and in this way, they are able to do their best.

If you want to keep the sales analytics on your site then you can take help of various service providers. is a well-known platform that provides excellent services related to sales analytics. Some services that improve your sale, as well as the rating of the site regarding this feature, are

Presence of Sales Leadership Boards

One of an effective way to improve the sale of the products from your site is the presence of leadership board. It is displayed and used for tracking the revenue performance against the time-bound target. You may take the example of the number of products sold each month according to the monthly revenue performance.

Sales Growth and Target

Other features of Savycube provides you are the tracking of the sales growth and such parameters that identify the sale target. This is one though order tracking. The software is available that can track order automatically and analyze the growth due to the sale of the product. It also keeps checking on the customer who order it and number of items sold per order. This is an excellent way to monitor the overall sale of the products and help the company to monitor either it achieves its target or not.

Product performance and lead conversions

Another important tool that helps the company in the sale analytics is product performance. It is important when a company is selling multiple products. In this way, one can keep a check on each product and the value to get an idea which product has more demand as well as which one is helping company’s growth rate. Lead conversions are helpful for the sales team that allow them to analyze the performance so that there will be present better consumer experience in the future.


It is very important as the sale of one product especially the new one can create an adverse impact on other products. To keep the sale of all the products balanced it is important to have cannibalization tracking so that you can manage the sale of different products at one time.

The company who relies on the sales team must have the sale analytic app or avail the service in order to track the product sale and the order tracking. This provides the overall performance along with help in tracking the growth of the company due to improving the sale of multiple products. It is the best way to get the high ratings from the targeted audience as well as keep check on the team performance.