SaleSource – One-stop dropshipping platform help make success at eCommerce


Are you running an ecommerce business? Yes!!!

What is your biggest challenge? The answer could be inventory management. Inventory management is the process of storing and using an organization’s inventory. It includes raw materials, machinery, warehousing and more. Having quality products at the right time requires proper demand forecasting.

When you don’t have enough stock, you’re disappointing your customers. Th

at means you’re at risk. You’re sending customers to your competitors. Sounds tricky!!! Many e-commerce entrepreneurs are struggling themselves to keep themselves away from loss. 

Happy news for all e-commerce entrepreneurs!!! Dropshipping is here to rescue!!!

What is dropshipping?

Dropshipping is one of the most popular business models. As per the analysis, 33% of e-commerce stores are using dropshipping. It eliminates the burden of stocking merchandise. Dropshipping is gaining popularity as it is one of the best ways to earn profits in no time. There is no stress involved and sellers can start earning billion dollars within a few months. 

With dropshipping, the store can start selling the “out-of-stock” 

merchandise to their customers. When a customer places an order from a specific merchant, they partner with a manufacturer who accepts to ship products.

Data and insights go hand-in-hand, these help entrepreneurs to decide while planning, promotion and decision-making.

Planning to get effective dropshipping software for your e-commerce? If your answer is yes, then look no further than salesource. It is an outstanding software designed to help and develop e-commerce business faster.

Following are the effective functionalities of SaleSource:

Sell, expert and measure

Did you know, there are over a hundred premium features available at SaleSource. A business owner can search for top-rated suppliers and converting videos instantly. Additionally, SaleSource also provides a high-quality description of your products or services. The best thing about SaleSource is you can search and view competitors stores within a single click. Choose SaleSource and gain access to advanced products.

Dropship and dominate

SaleSource is offering fantastic features for small and large e-commerce stores. A business entrepreneur can view USA dropshipping suppliers, products with video content. Also, you can view and track the best-selling products from popular stores. Sounds amazing right!!! SaleSource is offering trusted supplier module. Everyone can enjoy pocket-friendly shipping prices. SaleSource promises to deliver the product within 7 days (China to the USA).

Examine and Stimulate

Want to check your store performance? Yes!!! SaleSource is the best way to instantly analyse and accelerate the performance of your store. You can view competitors metrics within few simple clicks. These metrics can be the date of website creation, technologies adopted, revenue, tools, best-selling products, etc. 

Chrome extension

Google Chrome is one of the most popular extensions. According to the analysis, there are one billion active Chrome users across the globe.

SaleSource’s chrome extension is available for all the users. Merchants can analyze and review about the best-selling products. In order to perform analysis, you don’t need to import software or data. Everything is done by SaleSource. It is a handy marketing tool for e-commerce businesses.

This chrome extension provides information such as product specifications, sales chart and other important information on product pricing. The information available at SaleSource is clear and specific. This information can help you analyse the best-selling products that can be worthy to be listed in your store.

SaleSource services

Get started with SaleSource free trial and get access to excellent SaleSource platinum services.


Store review: SaleSource has extraordinary conversion experts. They will provide with comprehensive guidance, branding, information links, support on setup, speed check, SEO and more.

Error fixing and programming tasks: You don’t need to be a software programmer to use SaleSource tool. Web developers at SaleSource will fix the small and large issue for you.

Professional store logo creation: Want to have a unique logo to stand out from the crowd. SaleSource experts will design an eye-catching and converting logo to represent your business.

High converting product video creation: Don’t know how to create an excellent video. No more worries!!! SaleSource experts are here to help you out. They create high quality and converting videos to generate maximum traffic and leads.

Facebook ad copywriting: You don’t need to hire a copy-writer to create ad copies for Facebook. SaleSource team create content for you.

Powerful navigation design: SaleSource can design a navigation bar that holds products or services of your store. Thereby customers can find the right product at the right time.

Google analytics setup: Creating and handling Google analytics can be a daunting task for many. Relax, SaleSource is here to set-up Google analytics for you. 

Increase website speed: Website speed is one of the Google factors to consider. When your website is taking a long time to load then you’re at risk. It can impact on your performance, traffic and more. Experts at SaleSource helps to boosts your website speed and conversions. As a result, it makes your Facebook advertisements more effective.


Have any queries then feel free to contact SaleSource customer support. Their team assist you with better solutions around the clock. SaleSource is offering world-class services to its customers at pocket-friendly prices. There are two types of plans such as monthly and yearly. Select SaleSource plan depending upon the requirement. A 7-day free trial is available on front pages.

  • Essential – $29 per month
  • Pro- Yearly plan – $59 per month and
  • Elite – Yearly plan – $199 per month.

SaleSource offering outstanding functionalities such as access to more than 15 lakhs products, exclusive product feed, competitor ad campaigns, deep product analyzer, incredible chat support, custom conversion training and more. The feature may vary according to the plan. If you want an all-in-one features then look no further than Elite SaleSource plan.


If you want to make huge success at e-commerce store, SaleSource is the best marketing tool for you.  Sellers can earn profits with no risk. Subscribe to SaleSource today and enjoy access to more than 15 lakh products, competitor intelligence, product description generator, deep product analyzer, reliable customer care support, custom conversion training and more.