Save Money and Be Different with Cheap Quality iPhone 5 Spare Parts


Having spare parts for the iPhone 5 is a must for those who are hard on their devices and break or scratch their phones. Instead of spending a fortune to replace the whole phone, savvy consumers can make the iPhone look new by repairing it with new, fitting repair parts.


It’s important that you can use your iPhone 5 as you need and that it can stand up to the daily wear-and-tear that you thrust upon it. Don’t worry too much about any damage, especially if it is mainly cosmetic, because spare parts can be replaced to maintain the function of the device as well as making it look new again.

There are many options for spare parts in a range of colors that can give your iPhone 5 a face lift. Faceplates are available for iPhone 5s that are badly scratched or broken. The most commonly broken parts of the iPhone 5 are the home key button that sits on the bottom front of the iPhone and the vibration mute switch.

Many customers complain that their phone is unable to be silenced because of the side mute switch malfunctioning. Luckily, there are solutions to both of these problems and they are both inexpensive. In fact, a replacement mute switch bracket holder is less than a dollar! These cheap, spare parts are amazing solutions to broken iPhone 5 woes.

In case your iPhone 5 is broken or you simply desire to change out parts of your phone in lieu of more colorful pieces, TVC-Mall has all the spare parts for iPhone 5 you’re looking for. The spare parts are very reasonably priced and make repair affordable. They offer many spare parts including colored full housing faceplates, colored home buttons, LCD touch screen digitizers, batters, and the internal components.