There is no better time than today to be an indie author. Gone are the days when authors have to pray or beg for a publishing company to take a chance on their book. Even better, indie authors do not have to give up control over their book for just pennies on the dollar. With e-books, indie authors can earn seventy cents on the dollar.

Amazon is the most popular platform for an author to publish their e-book, but there are so many more viable options. The reason an indie author wants to publish their book is that they want to have as much control as possible when it comes to selling. This is why so many authors sell on multiple platforms. This way they don’t have to worry about one platform changing their rules overnight.

One of the biggest problems about selling over multiple platforms, however, is that it becomes difficult to get a complete picture when it comes to your readers. For this reason,cloud-based ecommerce CRM solutions software makes sense for indie authors.

Any indie author knows that selling their e-books is not just as easy as writing a story, picking a catchy title and developing an eye-catching cover. That is just the beginning. Meaning that is what everyone else has done, and if you want to sell your books, you need to develop an approach for identifying potential readers, targeting said readers and marketing to those readers.

Newer ecommerce CRM solutions software givesyou all the information you need to allow you to maximize your customer relationships. And, if the CRM software is cloud-based, it will capture data over all your platforms. Not all CRM solutions are the same however.If you are an indie author you want a solution that will give you information about not only who is buying your book, but who is likely to buy your book.

Indie authors always have ideas about more e-books, and with the analytics that come with most CRM solutions, authors can better picture their readers as they craft their next masterpiece. Knowing the sex, age, and email address of your previous readers can streamline the process of writing and marketing any indie author’s next book.

The ecommerce world has allowed indie authors an opportunity to connect with their readers on a personal level. And CRM solutions make it easier for indie writers to know exactly who their readers are and how to find them in the future.