Send Fax Online through Google Items; Gmail and Google Drive


In today’s world, life without Google is not even imaginable, leave alone possible. It would not be wrong to say that it has become everyone’s online advisor. From cooking recipes to different ways to apply mascara, Google has answers to all of your questions.

In the last few years, Google has gone beyond being just a search engine and has evolved into something even bigger. Some great advancements like Google Drive have also become a part of Google’s world now. Before Google and Gmail taking over the world, it was fax that was a major way to communicate officially. Fax used to be the only significant technique that individuals utilized for business correspondence.

While Gmail has swapped the fax communication for some, there is as yet a noteworthy segment of individuals who understand the significance of Fax in business correspondence. This is the reason despite the fact that there are techniques like Gmail accessible, Fax is as yet common today.

The only change made is in the ‘way’ to transfer faxes. While you needed to get a massive fax machine alongside a telephone line prior so as to fax, all that is never again required. In this day and age, you can fax directly from your PC, PC, or even your cell phone by making use of a Google fax service.

Google Fax Service

Google fax service is any assistance that permits you to fax through Google items like Gmail and Google drive. Through the use of a Google fax service, you can send and get faxes through Google with no extra equipment like a fax machine or a telephone line.

Commonly, you can’t fax through the web as fax works on analog signals offered by a phone line while the web works digitally. This is the place a Google fax service becomes possibly the most important factor.

Nonetheless, Google doesn’t incorporate any fax service in itself. This is the reason you have to utilize an outsider Google fax service provider that can carry out the task for you.

Since fax is utilized principally for official discussions, the need lies in speed, unwavering quality, and security. The Google fax service that you use ought to exceed expectations in every one of these fields.

It tends to be hard to pin down a Google fax service that is immaculate in each respect. This is the reason we have discovered the ideal one for you

CocoFax – The Premium Google Fax Service

One of the most used and talked-about fax services that offer to send and getting faxes through Google items like Google Drive and Gmail is CocoFax. Through CocoFax, you can send fax online with Google in the easiest and trouble-free way. It would be right to say that CocoFax has made Google faxing just a piece of cake.

Gmail fax through CocoFax is mainstream and utilized by specialists and organizations to include security and demonstrable skills in their official discussions. With regards to faxing with CocoFax, there is not really anything you will require other than an internet-connected gadget.

Part 1: CocoFax’s Gmail to Fax service

Sending and accepting faxes through Gmail is probably the most straightforward thing you can do in the event that you utilize CocoFax’s email to fax function. You can figure out how to fax from Gmail through this segment

When you have your web-empowered gadget prepared, sending fax through Gmail will simply take a few minutes

Step 1: To begin with, you need to have a CocoFax account. Don’t stress over not having one. You can easily create one by visiting the user-friendly CocoFax website where you can benefit from their 30-day free time for testing. Ensure that you register the Gmail address that you will use to send and get faxes.

Step 2: Where the fax number is concerned, CocoFax will provide you with one totally free of cost. Unlike the primitive ways, you don’t even touch your pocket to get a fax number. Moreover, this free fax number is totally custom made. Yes, you pick your very own fax number when using CocoFax.

This helps you in a way that you are able to get a suitable fax number for yourself or your organization.

Step 3: Now that you have everything at its place, you can now go for creating the fax to be sent. For this, head to your Gmail id and compose a new mail. Destination fax address will come at the place where you normally write your recipient email address, that is the ‘To’ field.

If you want some text to appear at the top of your fax document, then write it in the ‘Subject’ field. The email body will contain the content of the faxing document’s first page.

Attach your respective file with the email through the paperclip icon. After rechecking everything, send your email and leave the rest on CocoFax. Being a translator, CocoFax will get your email, convert it into a fax and then send it to the recipient fax address.

Receiving Faxes through Gmail: For receiving a fax, you don’t even need to do anything. Everything is done by CocoFax itself. You just sit back and relax while your faxes will be delivered to your email address just like other emails.

When a fax is sent on your fax number, CocoFax first gets this fax and converts it into an email. After this, CocoFax directs this fax to your email address and you can find it in your Gmail’s inbox.

Part 1: CocoFax’s Google Drive Fax Service

Gmail isn’t the only Google service that allows faxing. You can also fax through Google Drive/Docs, which has lately become one of the most famous writing platforms. Since numerous firms nowadays utilize Google Docs in their daily reports, CocoFax decided to take a step further and allow faxing through Google Docs too.

There is no complicated process for the purpose. All you need to do is to create a CocoFax account and then install the CocoFax addon onto your drive. This way you’ll be able to fax through your drive right away.


As you can see, it is super duper easy to fax via Gmail or Google Drive when you’re using CocoFax. If you’ve followed this guide throughout, then you will have no problem to fax documents through Google.

You will further get to know more about CocoFax when you check it out yourself. Have an enjoyable experience.