Who Sends More Traffic—iOS, Or Android?


Weighing Positives

There are many ways in which the tech world is making life easier for everyone, but there are also considerable complications that just can’t be ignored. For example, if you’re trying to answer the question posited by this writing’s headline, you’ll find it is complicated.

It turns out that Apple and Android are different and unequal in terms of traffic…but at the same time, they’re not. It’s kind of like the story of Jack Sprat, who could eat no fat, though his wife could eat no lean. Remember the rhyme? So between them both, you see, they licked the platter clean.

Where one had a weakness, the other had a strength. Working together, they were utterly comprehensive. Separately, they would leave food on the table. Your business is going to be in a very similar situation when it comes to working with Android and iOS mobile systems.

On the one hand, Android has a much larger market share in the same way Windows platforms often tend to have greater distribution based on cost and uniformity. But on the other hand, it turns out Apple’s iOS system sends more traffic across networks by a substantial margin. You can read more about these numbers here.


What are the ultimate implications? Well, if you want to have the best possible impact with your business, you want to cater to both constituencies with proper effectiveness. Consider traffic realities when dealing with iOS, and consider commonality when working with Android.

To that end, you need to streamline your outreach for the most effective marketing solutions. You can’t afford to spend money unnecessarily on things like SEO; but you need SEO. You’ve just got to ensure it works for you. You should have everything carefully calculated beforehand. If you’re diligent in this regard, you will see the results you seek across disparate markets.

It turns out you can make sure to have no bad SEO on your website, but it will take some effort. Without constant monitoring, all the work…put into optimizing…site[s] can go down the proverbial drain… This is why it is imperative to [be] familiar…with common problems and learn how to deal with them.

You’re also going to need to consider ways in which your online presence can be maximized in terms of social media. According to Social Media Daily, to make it big on YouTube not only do you need convincing content, but above all you‘ve got to have subscribers.

A Well-Rounded Operational Solution

So ultimately, you want applications pertaining to your company which can be used by clients beholden to either Android or iOS systems. You’ve got to have multi-platform applicability, but it makes sense to design operations based on market statistics. If more users are on Android, but more traffic is on iOS, you’ve got to accept and respond to that reality.

The best way to do this may be to concentrate on that which defines the largest quotient of your market in the present tense. If you don’t know, send out surveys and include a margin of error of several percentage points in the data you receive. If you do have the information, then why aren’t you using it?

Mobile applications are coming to dominate the market today. This trend is set to increase, not decrease. Barring some blockbuster nuclear disaster of the kind memorialized perpetually in Hollywood movies, more IoT, more cloud, and more mobile utility will characterize forward developments in technology.

For your operations to be competitive, conserve resources, and resonate with clientele, you want to design things such that all platforms are catered to cost-effectively. So get the numbers and make changes where you’ve got to.