Having a remarkable website with the most helpful content is not going to bring you any returns if your site is not visible. Making your site clinch that prestigious position on the SERPs is just as crucial as the design and content creation process.

There are plenty of WordPress SEO tips that will help boost your site’s SEO, but you need to consider configuring some dedicated SEO tools and plugins for the best results. This article will list some of the best plugins that you can integrate to enhance your WordPress site’s SEO further.


With over 5 million downloads, Yoast makes first on the list for being one of the most reliable tools for all your SEO needs. With Yoast, you can add important SEO-friendly items like sitemaps, social media optimization, Meta descriptions, Meta keywords, among others. Having a one-stop plugin for your SEO needs reduces the weight of plugin on your site, which further increases its speed.

Broken link checker

No one likes seeing ‘Error 404’ on their browser; they ruin your audience’s UX and are bad for SEO. Broken Link Checker is a free WordPress plugin that you can use to check your site for any broken links and fix them without editing your posts. While it is a highly useful tool, it is quite heavy and may slow down your site.

Google Page Speed

Since 2016, Google has rewarded the sites that load the fastest with higher positions on the SERPs compared to the slow ones. No matter how heavy your website is, you need to ensure that it loads in 1.5 seconds, any slower than 3 seconds will be deemed as too slow. With Google Page Speed plugin, you can check your site loading speed and take the necessary measures to speed it up.

Image Optimization

Images are great for SEO, even more, if you optimize them. SEO image optimizer is a great tool that will help you add ALT attributes to your images. Uploading images with names like image078.png is bad for SEO; instead, use real names like ‘Leather Sandals for Women.’

For image compression, ShortPixel is an excellent plugin that will reduce your image without ruining its quality.

WP Super Cache

As stated above, speed is critical for site SEO, and one of the factors that affect your site speed is the amount of redundant content on your site. WP Super Cache is a superior plugin that will cache all the page and browser data that may slow down your site and optimize your website database.


SEMrush is far more popular among digital marketers and strategists that are interested in finding out what their competitors’ marketing campaigns are to launch effective offensives. In addition to your competitors’ marketing campaigns, SEMrush will give you reliable insights into what keywords you should incorporate into your posts and headings for the best results.

Google XML Sitemap

Your WordPress site probably has dozens of pages, and sitemaps help search engines find all the pages on your site. Giving search engines your website’s structure makes it much easier for them to index your website. An excellent plugin for creating, managing, and updating sitemaps is Google XML Sitemaps.


The plugin above are your best bet at having a site with excellent SEO without weighing down your site unnecessarily. Consider using them for remarkable results.