SEO Growth Hacking in 2020


Working hard to boost your website ranking in search engines? Generally, digital marketers search for SEO growth hacking techniques only when their website rank drops, or traffic declines. Do not worry! This article serves the purpose of your search. Along with high-quality content, some smart SEO strategies like building backlinks, SEO optimized content, etc. are also needed to boost the organic traffic growth of your website.

Apart from normal SEO strategies, there are a few SEO growth hacking techniques that help you reach your SEO goals faster. If you are looking for the same, then you are in the right place. Performing proper SEO methodologies for a website saves you some money by avoiding paid activities. Every company needs to do proper search engine optimization regardless of the scale, as there is terrific competition in every market, the chances for small businesses to grow is low. Also, the limited resources and patience of small scale business owners lead to some uncertain and slow results. So how to overcome these challenges and reach your SEO goals? 

Most online marketers or SEO agencies think SEO is just about backlinks, content, and keywords. Agreed! But do you think just fetching some backlinks, great content or some relevant keywords help you step forward in reaching your goal? These may help little but not completely in increasing traffic to your site. There are some growth hacks that give you quick and effective results.

Here are some SEO growth hacks updated for 2020

Fetch .edu Backlinks

Hope, you know the importance of having high-quality backlinks pointing to your site. EDU links are one such high-quality links that have high domain authority. The other reason why EDU links are powerful is because they only have links from trusted sites already. So Google loves your website too if you have backlinks from .edu websites. 

Wondering how to build EDU backlinks? The best way is to offer internships and scholarships to students of schools or colleges which have .edu domains. This is a great tactic where you, colleges and students gain good benefits. Thus you can point a .edu link on your website which boosts your position in search engine result page and traffic.

Answer to Quora or Reddit

The backlinks from Quora, StackExchange, Reddit, Fluther etc. popular question-and-answer websites had a great impact on SEO ranking. But today, most of these sites provide no-follow links that don’t count anything towards SEO ranking technically. But having backlinks from those sites don’t go completely useless. But the fun part is that they drive huge traffic to your site. 

For instance, Quora is a popular site with more than 300 million visitors every month, so providing some genuine answers and providing your links there will create awareness about your company. And Reddit is another website similar to Quora which has nearly 430 million active monthly users. 

So there are still advantages of backlinks from Quora or Reddit though they are not so worthy.

  • Create far and wide awareness for your website.
  • Drive huge high-quality traffic to your site.
  • Maintain balanced do follow-no follow ratio to avoid Google penalties.
  • If your content is really great and interesting, users of those sites can share your content to other websites.

Therefore you need to be more careful when promoting yourself on Quora or Reddit because if the sites find your answer as an SEO strategy they might not approve your content – this mostly happens with Reddit. So make sure you research well about the query asked, try to solve in an easy way using appropriate keywords engaging the Reddit community. So what happens next? If you get 10 upvotes, you get a do-follow link which is going to boost your SEO ranking.

Focus on Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are instant results that appear on the top of search results. Featured snippets are extracted from a webpage that provides a brief answer to the user’s query, including the URL and page title. As a featured snippet appears above the actual search results, it is likely to attract more traffic because of its position on the result page.

So, wondering how to get your webpage in a featured snippet format? Though there are no particular algorithms to spot a guaranteed snippet, following a few strategies may help you end up having one.

  • Try on the webpage that has already ranked in 1-5 positions.
  • Spot clear questions related to people’s queries. Include simple and exact questions [like “what is a no-follow link”] or try extracting questions[like”what are no-follow and do-follow links”, “how to get do-follow links”], etc. 
  • Answer the questions in a clear format, in the simplest language, and in one para.
  • Give some additional information below that one para stating why people should read your page.

Note: This is not a guaranteed format for getting featured snippets but a successful way. In case you do not get a snippet with this sample, at least you will end up serving your users with proper FAQs.

The alternative for writing FAQs especially for featured snippets is including a glossary section on your website.

When writing glossary sections there are two types of keywords you need to consider: informational and transactional. So include one section like Request Pricing, FAQs, etc. Providing useful answers for questions your customers might get. 

Boost Page Speed

Page speed is one of the most important ranking factors. The slower the page load speed is, the lower rank on search engine result pages it gets. The delay in page speed may yield in low customer experience, high bounce rate, and low page views. So improving your page load speed will help you overcome these challenges. Remove all the unnecessary stuff, optimize the size of your images or any visuals, delete unwanted links to improve your page speed.

Make it Mobile Responsive

At least 48% of people over the world access the internet via mobile devices. So, the important thing is to design your website that looks beautiful on mobile devices. Use Google mobile-friendly tools that allow to check if your website is truly responsive or not. 

Press Releases & Local Citations

Hope you are familiar with press releases, so these press releases help you in creating awareness of your brand. And if you do it properly using popular press release distribution sites with free or paid submissions, you can get some effective backlinks pointing to your site. Also, you can choose the region where you want to promote your site. There are plenty of press release distributions sites like PR Newswire, PRLog, PRWeb, etc.

Local citations play a key role in fostering your local search results. What is a local citation? It is a combination of company name, contact number, address, postal or zip code, and website. There are multiple citation sites such as,,, etc. You can get to know more information about citation sites on BrightLocal.

Wrapping Up

Thus apart from traditional SEO strategies, there are many other tactics that really help you boost your ranking and drive huge traffic to your site. The SEO growth hacking tips and techniques are clearly explained here. Hope this article helps you achieve your SEO goals in a quick and efficient way.