SEO: How to Choose the Right Keyword for Your Perfect Online business


If we were to pick one aspect of internet marketing that has driven so much growth for websites, and search engines, it is keywords. The reason everyone who is associated with websites or SEO cares so much about keywords is because these words represent the best way of getting people to see a specific website or article. And the proof is in the results – more than 15 billion keyword searches were performed in the United States alone in 2010. It is safe to assume that the numbers for 2017 are far beyond those figures.

Choosing Keywords

Keywords are about more than search engine optimization. Yes, creating a proper SEO strategy means that you need to use keywords effectively. But a website that is selling consumer goods will need keywords that are beyond the names of the products they are selling.

In order to pick the right keywords, a business must understand what consumers seek from them. Are people coming to your online store because you have the best quality products? Do they care about your low prices? Are they buying your products because they are healthy and environmentally friendly? When a business understands its brand appeal, choosing keywords becomes a lot easier.

Companies that need help with selecting the most relevant keywords could look to SEO experts such as Brad Smeltz. There are plenty of videos on the topic that would provide you with valuable insight about the process of selecting the best keywords.

Focusing on Phrases

It is important to remember that when people search for things on Google, they are rarely using just one or two words. They are probably using phrases to complete these searches. For instance, a company that is selling cat food is not going to find success by stuffing the words “cat” and “food.” But using “cat food” or finding other relevant phrases phrases would help a lot.

Finding Related Keywords

There is a little too much focus on the broad keywords when it comes to SEO and online marketing. While the broad keywords matter a lot, related keywords can be just as crucial. For instance, if a company is selling computers, there are so many related keywords that would be effective. It is important that such related keywords and phrases are also included in the various pages and articles on that website, and not just the main keyword phrase.

Link Keywords to Content

Instead of just stuffing keywords and phrases into already created content, it is better to make an organic connection between the two. The best type of content is informing and engaging for the audience, but it is also providing good SEO for the website. This can only happen when the keyword phrases are organically linked to the content that is being produced.

It can be difficult for businesses to figure out what keywords are going to be the most effective. But understanding how keywords work, going deeper into SEO strategies, and assessing how related keywords will bring you a lot of success.