SEO Mistakes That Marketers Are Still Making Today


SEO is not an uncommon thing any longer. Even those who are not related to the digital marketing world, know about SEO. Before going in depth with the subject matter, it is imperative to understand what exactly it is, what it does and why it is so important.

SEO – At a Glance

Search Engine Optimization or SEO is essential if you want to appear in the search engine’s first page. To get traffic SEO becomes an integral part of promotion strategy. It is tragic that even today some businesses deny the importance of SEO.

Some SEO Mistakes

Any expert from Joel House Search Media would be glad to give you a rundown on this. They have been vocal about the mistakes people make when they try to implement a strategy without the assistance of SEO experts.

Not Monitoring Analytics

As surprising as it sounds, people still make this mistake which costs the promotion strategy dearly. The general concept is SEO gets used to bringing traffic. While this is true, there is more to it. The optimization gets used for the conversion purpose as well. When the conversion is not monitored, promotion strategy usually loses its track.

Optimizing Wrong Keywords

This takes place due to lack experience. It is about time the world understands to optimize a website with a keyword, the right amount of experience is essential. People, even today, use global keywords at the time of local optimization. Another mistake is using the generic keyword. This does nothing for the optimization. Then there are those keywords which get traffic, but not conversion. Such keywords are like fillers, in the end, they do nothing for your website.

Title Tags and Meta Description

If you pay attention, you will surely find websites, that display the company name on each of the pages. It is not just for SEO boost, but for the sake of giving visitors something unique, you must have unique titles for each one of the pages.

Anchor Text

Anchor text is an integral part of SEO. However, most of the websites don’t have proper use of anchor texts. People responsible for the promotion of the sites, either don’t use the internal link for the anchor text or they link the anchor text with everything. Both of these are wrong approaches.

Quantity Vs. Quality

Always remember that in the war of quantity and quality, you should choose the later one. Sadly, most of the companies do otherwise. They focus on the quantity of the link, quantity of the content and quantity of posting. They rarely pay attention to the quality. As a result, web optimization suffers.

These are not the only mistakes but the common ones which even today people make and rarely make an effort to rectify. A pro SEO will tell you that optimization is an art and for proper optimization, you need some well-played tricks

A few things to remember

Domain:  There are lots of different websites available in the virtual world. But how to stand out and get the proper kind of traffic is a question. It is very simple; first, the website has to be named relevantly with the proper usage of the domain. And it must have optimization compliant feature. Second, the site must have a proper description to make the visitors understand what is your website and business all about.

Hosting: It is another important aspect that should be kept in mind while making the website. The webpage should be audience targeted which would be simple and user-friendly. No one likes a slow or unresponsive webpage. It should be platform specific.

Making it Mobile Friendly: In this ever-advancing electronic age, it is also vital that your webpage is mobile friendly as most of the people use their smartphones to check emails and web pages. In this fast-paced life, people prefer results at breakneck speed.

That being said, the web pages should have a responsive page and should not take too long to open. Apart from these if the website is indexed correctly and categorized, then it becomes all the more useful for the people who visit them.  The necessity of mobile-friendly is so much nowadays that there are a few search engines who penalizes them for not being one.


With all the above information it would be wise to summarize the facts that, SEO is essential for any web page. It helps the website to get more viewership and provides the web page more precision.

If you have a website, it is of utmost importance that the particular page in the question is SEO friendly as it helps to generate more business. There have been many instances where due to lack of SEO the exposure of the websites dwindles, and many entrepreneurs end up remaking or designing the web pages all over again. Forewarning is as good as being forearmed.