SEO Tips You Should Know As A Woman E-Commerce Store Owner


Consumers are turning towards e-commerce stores for almost all of their needs. And to prove the point, you can have a look at Amazon, the global E-Commerce giant. The organization has transformed the retail experience, virtually.

This has also created opportunities for young entrepreneurs and aspiring business class. There are new e-commerce stores, making their debut in the mainstream market, grabbing a good chunk of market share.

Special stores catering to specific communities or groups of consumers are no different. Some of these specialty stores include fashion and lifestyle stores. And, undoubtedly, these are more targeted on women as customers than any other group of consumers.

To add to this, women are now turning towards these sets of organizations. Not as consumers, but as operating leads for these organizations.

Through this article, we bring you the secrets to carry out SEO for your e-commerce stores.

Look Out For Keywords That Are Intended By Your Target Audience

Reaching out your target audience is the laying stone for any business. That is why you should know about what does your audience want. By building a buyer persona you should target the keywords for your e-commerce website. While keyword research, a smarter move would be to optimize for less competitive keywords in the beginning. This would allow a smoother drift towards higher rankings.

On-Page Elements Need Optimization To Eliminate Anomalies

Apart from the keywords, there are other elements as well which need your attention. The meta descriptions, meta tags, header tags, and your URL all need to be optimized. This would make your website’s SEO technically strong. Look out for anomalies that may hinder the uprise of your e-commerce. For example, choosing a URL that can relate to the product on that page would target specific keywords when searched. Thus improving your SERP ranking.

Seek Influencer Collaboration To Reach Higher In Search Results

Making connections is always good for business. The same holds true for e-commerce websites as well. Collaborate with bloggers who have authoritative followers for their content. In return, you may seek an exchange of links from their blog. Experts from Outreach Monks supports that blogger outreach can satisfy an important factor that affects off-page SEO. Yes, I’m quoting backlinks to your e-commerce website.

Reviews And Feedback Are Important Pillars For Earning Trust

The goodwill that any business earns can turn it into a brand. A satisfied customer base is an important factor that helps earn goodwill to any brand. Adding reviews and keeping a record of customer feedback may help in this regard. You need your customers to return to you and show loyalty to your brand. Earn customer’s trust by offering them a choice to make a buying decision with the help of these reviews from previous customers. This, in turn, satisfies Google’s E-A-T update to some extent.

Focus On Individual Pages And Products For Easy Start

By the time your e-commerce website starts ranking on google, diversifying keywords would be a good strategy. This would help rank different pages for different keywords. For example, a user may search for ‘Lakme Moisturizers’, and optimizing your pages for such keywords can bring in more targeted users.

When it comes to optimizing a website, patience is a virtue. It may take some time initially, but would show results and grapple up the rank. Just make sure that you stay consistent with your efforts.