Seo Trends of the Current Times: 4 Things You Need to Know About Building a Strong Backlink Portfolio in 2019


 SEO trends show that backlinks are and stay valuable for all companies wanting to promote their business. The new techniques involve the use of information-driven content as opposed to direct sales advertising and marketing strategies. Is your company getting all that is possible from the current backlinks? Are you following the best steps when securing backlinks? Here are 4 things you need to know about building a strong backlink portfolio in 2019 to answer these and other critical questions.

1. Mitigate Common Issues with Your Website

Building a strong foundation is the most vital part of using your backlinks. Your company website is the foundation and driving force behind why you use the backlinks. Strengthening your foundation is the next big step for building a more effective backlink portfolio. First, test your website’s loading speed. Next, ensure mobile friendliness by testing the website on all platforms and establishing compatibility.

Originality is another key for improving the foundation. Test your content for duplications online and correct any content that is similar. Canonical errors create redirect problems for your backlinks, and you need to choose a unique URL that doesn’t include another company’s details. Don’t use typical META tags or data that links to another company either.

2. Using Reverse Silos

Using reverse silos connects more followers to informative content-rich pages instead of promotional sales pages directly. Creating intelligent site architecture is paramount for achieving the aim of reverse silos. What you do is produce high-quality and informative posts such as blogs. You avoid sales and promotional details in the initial content.

Using the backlinks through the reverse silo technique redirects the audience to the promotional content on your website from the original content. The information-driven webpages capture the audience’s attention by providing useful information, but the content-centric approach links viewers indirectly to your company and your website.

3. Tracking Link Juice

404 errors are a common problem with setting up backlinks. Tracking your entire backlink portfolio prevents viewers from encountering the issue. Non-responsive backlinks are ineffective and send the wrong message to your audience. Analytic tools help you find all links that are broke and generating the errors. Conducting an audit shows the origin of the problem and helps you fix the broken links in record time. As you learn more about using the tools, you lessen the frequency of the issues and get more out of your backlink portfolio.

4. Assessing Backlink Quality Indicators

Choosing relevant links that are relatable to your website is the first step. Next, using niche relevant backlinks connects you to viewers searching for niche-specific content. Finally, find geo-targeted links that are in your company’s location.

Becoming an authority is still a must-have online. Use backlinks that connect to useful info related to your content and observe everything they need for the given niche or topic. Reviewing backlink quality indicators shows you why it’s important to stay an authority over the niche and support your audience’s trust. Another attribute connected to authority is finding links that are of high quality and authoritative, too. Testing all potential backlinks is vital to security for your company and your viewers.

Finally, traffic is the last quality indicator you review. Avoid any links that aren’t high traffic areas. You don’t want to backlink that isn’t receiving adequate traffic online. A great indicator of traffic volumes for the proposed backlink is the website’s position in the search engine results.

Cultivating a strong backlink portfolio helps your company generate better marketing campaigns. The techniques introduce you to more informative content-driven tactics that generate more traffic indirectly. The new SEO trends also involve reverse silos that don’t spring sales content on viewers immediately. Following the trends for 2019 gives your company a better chance for success and nearly limitless earnings potential.