Services and programs that will help your business become more productive!


Running any kind of business is an enormous task. Individuals may find themselves under immense pressure to undertake the various activities involved in the business. The ultimate aim of any entrepreneur is to grow an entity to the extent that it can make more profits and transform society. The productivity of a business is critical in determining the success or failure of an entity. Operating a business efficiently requires shouldering the major responsibility and utilizing the scarce resources in an effective way. In order to assist the business to improve their productivity, various apps for business & productivity software are available to a business. Instead of spending time trying to find the most appropriate apps to improve productivity for your business, we have selected the top eight (8) which will boost your business.

  1. Grammarly

An article appearing in the Harvard Business Review cited poor writing as a source of productivity killer in business. Communication is critical to any business whether it is within the organization or with clients. Sometimes, employees may be overwhelmed by work such that they are unable to communicate well through writing. Grammarly makes it easier to check grammatical mistakes in your writing.

For instance, using this tool will ensure that you have an upper hand in your custom writing business. Online writing requires a lot of editing which makes this program necessary. The software will project the professional image that your business needs. Your employees will avoid grammatical errors in the written documents. For a start, you can use the free version of the program and later upgrade to the premium plans as your business grows.

  • OneNote

This amazing program comes from Microsoft Inc. OneNote is critical for businesses that deal with large amounts of information. You will notice that running multiple projects will generate a lot of information which when it is not handled well it can be confusing. The program allows businesses to outline various topics and projects for reference purposes. As long as you have subscribed to Microsoft 365, you can access OneNote for free.

  • Trello

Trello is one of the best business productivity apps that businesses should have. The app is suitable for businesses that undertake huge projects. With this application, your project managers can monitor what each employee is doing. It makes it easy to identify projects, allocate time to each task, set deadlines, and monitor progress. Since Trello is free, a business will improve productivity while at the same time saving on costs.

  • Evernote

Evernote is an app for taking notes and organizing tasks. The ability of the app to store and sync files, and create to-do lists make it appropriate for businesses which want to operate smoothly. With this application, managers can monitor the tasks of the employees. Further, the ability to sync files makes them accessible to authorized users at any time and place.

  • Basecamp

Do you want to have great collaboration in your business? If yes, Basecamp is a program that you must have. The software allows your team members to have a single-view dashboard for a particular project they are working on. For write my essay companies, this application can facilitate collaboration among writers for difficult tasks. The layout facilitates smooth communication among the individuals involved in the project.

  • Free Call & SMS Scheduler

Apps for business productivity like Free Call & SMS Scheduler are critical for businesses that need to communicate constantly with clients. Writing down messages and figuring out who to call and when to do it, this application pre-schedules them. It will automatically sort the SMSs and calls so that you can communicate when the right time comes. This ensures that you do not forget crucial calls and SMSs because the app will schedule all these for you.

  • Mint

Knowing the financial progress of a business is critical. With Mint, you can track all the financial activities of your business. The software will collect all the financial data in one place and analyzes it to. You will be in a position to check your savings, investments, and expenses. With an efficient financial tracker like this program, you can easily keep an eye on the progress of your business. The app allows you to remain vigilant in monitoring the credit score of your business.

  • Asana

Asana is another collaboration software that any business needs. The software includes the most advanced features to ensure that you have an efficient task management system. The program allows the creation and scheduling of tasks to different individuals in the team. For example, in an online writing company, handling requests job applicants can be challenging for an individual. However, with this program, your employees can collaborate to review the perfect resumes for work from different writers.

Concisely, apps to increase productivity are available online. However, before settling on one, you need to identify your business needs. You also should identify areas that your business has not been operating efficiently. Next, choose an app that will boost productivity in a particular area. The work productivity apps we have highlighted so far cater to different aspects of your business. Using them guarantees you the productivity you have been desiring for your business. Do not struggle with your business yet various services and programs are available at your disposal. Take advantage of these services and programs to move your business to the next level of productivity.