When you make the decision to move your operation from a garage to an actual office it’s simultaneously exciting and terrifying. It comes with all of the maintenance you’d have with a home, plus plenty other factors that have to be covered, like meeting safety codes and keeping employees productive.

Managing an office is no easy task, and it’s virtually impossible to do on your own. If you’re new to owning an office, break out the Rolodex and add these service providers to your speed dial.

IT Expert

Today, we’re so heavily reliant on computers and electronics that most offices can’t function without them. When a computer goes down it can be a situation that halts all progress, or worse, makes it impossible to do business. It’s a scenario where you can actually begin losing business rather than gaining it.

Few startups and small businesses have the resources to hire a full-time IT staff, but there are companies that can fill the gap with on-call experts. Find an IT support company that can provide references and guarantee their response time. It’s also a plus if you can get a dedicated account manager and engineer.


Employees getting locked out of the office is a more common occurrence than many business owners realize. Every minute that they have to stand there waiting for the door to be opened is nothing but a productivity loss. Locked desk drawers and conference rooms can also pose a problem.

Job Done Locksmith is a locksmith Denver businesses have come to trust. Their 24/7 service team is ready to get to work at any time, which is why medical facilities are among their clientele. Another factor to look for is locksmiths that are experienced in handling a variety of equipment. Commercial spaces sometimes require heavy-duty locking mechanisms that aren’t found at residential properties.

Reliable Health Insurer

Medical insurance is one of the basic necessities that help businesses recruit top employees. It’s also a vital tool in making sure your workforce is healthy and productive.

While the hope is that health insurance won’t be needed, life has a way of sidelining you with an injury or illness when you least expect it. When health insurance is needed for employees, answers have to be supplied quickly. Everyone on staff should have the contact info for 24/7 customer service and a direct number for your account management team.

If you need help choosing health insurance for your business, enlist the help of a SHOP marketplace broker or agent.

Onsite Security Provider

One thing could be standing between your office and burglars – an alarm system.  Simply having one installed is enough to dissuade many criminals and disgruntle employees from stealing from your office.

Monitored systems that provide a direct line of communication between your office and security specialists are ideal. If an alarm goes off or a problem is detected the security provider will contact you immediately.

Cyber Security Specialist

With so many malicious cyber attacks happening against large and small companies alike, business owners have to take cyber security seriously. Today, it’s equally as important as on-site security with regards to protecting proprietary ideas, customer information and your business’s best interests.

Like your on-site security, you should always be able to contact a provider at a moment’s notice. Communication channels should be set up so that you receive instant alerts and notices when something isn’t right. These automatic alerts

Pest Control Technician

Bugs are a big nuisance at home, but in the office, they’re even worse. They can get inside expensive electronics and raise health concerns that make it impossible to work. For entrepreneurs that own their office, some insects can also pose a serious structural problem.

Anytime you need an insect problem handled fast it helps to have a pest control technician on speed dial. This is especially true during the busy spring and summer months when an infestation is more likely to occur.

HVAC Specialist

Another office necessity is climate control. Few people can focus on work if the AC goes out in the middle of summer or they have to bundle up because the heater stopped working in the dead of winter.

Building a relationship with an HVAC specialist can help you get immediate attention when the HVAC system starts acting up. They can also help you identify potential problems and head them off before they turn your office into a sweat shop.