Set up a Thriving Business with Best Etsy SEO Services


Have you ever wondered how search engines list and rank eCommerce websites? If you have, then you would also know that successful marketing strategy and SEO are key factors that determine a website’s listing in search engine results for sites like Google, Bing, and Yahoo etc.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important process that helps to enhance the visibility of your shop on popular search engines. However, SEO is not easy and definitely not everyone’s cup of tea, as search engines constantly change and update the search criteria. There is no assurance that your webshop will always appear at the top of search results.

Factors like customer convenience, flexible marketing strategy and established market reputation, all influence a customer’s buying behavior.

What is Etsy?

In this highly competitive business world, it is pivotal for any aspiring business owner to choose a platform that is SEO friendly especially if you are operating in a niche market like vintage or handmade goods. Before the rise of the internet most artisans sold such products at open markets, trade fairs or special orders.

Etsy is an established online buying and selling community that is home for selling hand-crafted and vintage goods. They have a variety of categories such as jewellery, home décor, bags, furniture, handmade toys etc. The webshop is a perfect place to market goods created and curated by independent sellers. Etsy also allows each individual seller to establish their own fully customized web shop with all the e-commerce essentials, making it an established readymade market place. However, with so many players competing for a top listing on a single webshop, it is important to drive traffic to your goods.

An Etsy SEO expert can definitely help you boost your business by allowing customers to locate specific products easily.

Refined Keyword Search and its Implementation

Only the best keywords related to your product get listed at the top. Which is why an SEO expert will provide specific variants over more generic terms, this will refine the search criteria and help to list your item at the top. A refined keyword will make your product relevant, searched more often and easier to rank at the top.

Formatting the Title

Since the Etsy search algorithm system gives more attention to the first few items of descriptive words, so if it matches the customer’s search criteria, the item will rank on top. An SEO expert can help you achieve this, as they use unique and high-quality content to promote your product.

Descriptive Long Tail Tags for the Product

Etsy allows up to 13 tags to describe a product, an expert who has knowledge about the best descriptive tags will select the right tags for the product. Accurate tags will direct sellers to your products.

Product Description

Product description gives more details about the listed item while presenting the benefits to the customer. It is also the best place for keyword placement.  An SEO expert will create the product descriptive content with the right placement of keywords that don’t distract the customer’s attention and presents the item in the most optimized manner.

Keep your Product Recent

Etsy gives a lot of importance to new as well as active listings, if a product has become stagnant with no buyer activity, it gets reflected in the platform’s algorithm and gets pushed to a lower place on the search result. An SEO expert will notice your product listing and take corrective action. They will renew the listing before it reaches the expiration date, and take corrective measures to reinstate the product at the top.

Interlinking Products

If you have similar or related products on the Etsy webshop, it is important to link the relevant products to each other. SEO will help you achieve this and bring equal exposure to all your products, if one of your products is selling well, then other products can be linked in the descriptive bio.

Applying SEO services to Etsy is a proven way to grow and establish your business. An Etsy SEO expert can give you the leverage over other market players by improving your listings and giving continuous exposure on the webshop.