Setting Up a Business Overseas: Key Considerations


Considering opening up a business overseas? This can be a fantastic idea for many different reasons, but it is not without its obstacles and these are quite unlike setting up a company locally. Globalisation has made it easier than ever to open up a business in another country and this can be a smart financial move – read on to find out areas you will need to consider.

Business Practices

Before you set your plan in motion, it is important that you fully research the business practices in the country that you want to set up in as these will differ to back home. Laws, practices, taxation and banking can all vary drastically and it is crucial that you know and understand these practices so that everything will be above board when you get set up.

Current Climate

You must also research the current social, economic and political climate in the desired country as any instability in these areas could make it very difficult to succeed and could even result in assets being seized or profits taxed as a foreign business owner.

Market Research

As when you would start a business anywhere, market research will be crucial to your success. It is a smart move to target emerging markets in the country that you are setting up, but you will also need to spend time analysing local consumer habits, the competition and how much it will cost you to set up and run the business.

Cultural Differences

There may also be cultural and/or language differences to overcome which can be a huge obstacle. Cultural differences could not only impact the success of the company, but also make it a challenge to operate in. This means that you need to research these differences and spend some time in the country and getting involved with the local community before taking the plunge.

Meeting Clients

If you plan on opening a business in a different country but still reside at home, you need to think about the amount of travel that you will have to do if you want to meet clients and be the face of the company. This can take its toll, so you might want to think about selecting a form of transportation that will allow you to relax so that you can arrive feeling fresh and ready for business.

Setting up a business in a different country can work very well and particularly if it is in an emerging market, but there are various obstacles that you will need to consider before launching to ensure that it will be a success.