No matter how small or large a business may be, it’s undeniable that lots of internal and external communications take place on a daily basis, which means that business people have to save and deal with many contacts. So, managing your contacts can get tough and time consuming. However, thanks to Pobuca Connect, sharing and storing all your business contacts has become easier than ever!

Pobuca Connect is a product of Pobuca, which is a CRM Software company that provides solutions to retailers and brands. It is a contact management app which can increase your productivity and ease your business communication with clients.

Every day in the fast-paced business world, you’re expected to meet dozens of people like clients, shareholders, stakeholders, to name just a few. Not to mention that you may receive many business cards or contacts and if you fail to organize them properly, you may lose valuable time and money. Pobuca Connect makes it easy for you to store all your important business contacts. All you have to do is follow three simple steps.

  1. Gather

To begin with, export all the contacts from your existing databases like Google Contacts, Outlook, a CRM system and upload them to Pobuca Connect. Then, Pobuca Bot, the Virtual assistant allows you to clean-up, merge, enrich and add additional information to your contacts.

This virtual assistant can also export data in CSV, VCard file and Excel.

If contacts are saved only in your mobile phone, you can just download the Pobuca Connect app and import all your contacts and any other company information. In this case, Pobuca bot can also process your contacts and save them.

  1. Clean-Up

Next step is where Pobuca Connect takes over all your contact information and polishes them. Machine Learning algorithms are used to detect duplicate contacts, merge contacts and organization/company correlation. Since contacts from all your co-workers are uploaded to it, some contacts can be saved several times. In this step, such duplicate contacts are detected and taken care of.

  1. Enrich

After deduplicating and merging your contacts, it’s time for you to enrich them. These contacts hold very little information about that respective person. That information can be outdated and may not be helpful for your current needs. As long as your contacts have email addresses, Pobuca Bot can gather all the information from their social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook etc using their email addresses. However, it can only look for publicly saved information in their social media accounts.

Once all these steps are followed and all your contacts are uploaded to Pobuca connect, your final database is all set to use.

Explore Pobuca Connect useful features

  1. Standard fields & User admin panel

Standard fields enable you to save multiple contact details, their social media profile links and other information like name, surname, department, work role, email id, phone number, gender, and their organization name. You can create these fields for contacts, co-workers, and organization.

This feature can also be used as a filter for smart searching. In the user admin panel, the administrator can manage all Pobuca Connect features. You can invite co-workers and provide them with user permissions to contribute and edit.

  1. Import from mobile, email and scan b-cards

If you find any new or missing contacts, you can import them directly from your mobile phone and make them public or private to a specific person or group. Even when you store your contacts in Outlook or Gmail, Pobuca Connect can import all your contacts. It also allows you to share your contacts with co-workers.

Morover, you can update or create new contacts by using email signatures. All you have to do is just copy-paste your information and it will get stored. Pobuca Connect allows you to scan pictures of your business cards and create new contacts.

  1. Link contacts, internal notes & favourites

Pobuca Connect automatically links contacts to organizations enabling you to search for these contacts using specific fields and other keywords. You can add comments or some necessary information next to the contacts and share it with your team or others.

You can add your most frequently used contacts or business friends to favourites. By doing so, you are able to search and reach them easily in case of an emergency.

4.Invites, reminders, activity log & dial-out

You can invite your co-workers to join Pobuca Connect or they can subscribe with their work email. They can immediately get access to the contact details and this shared address book.

Set reminders about any important calls you have to make. You can track organizations and contacts that you communicated with and check which of them are executed successfully.

Pobuca Connect also provides you with options, such as calling, emailing or texting. They are also planning to launch communication through WhatsApp and Viber.

  1. Share, offline access, privacy & access roles

With Pobuca Connect, you can easily share your contact details or business cards to all your saved contacts. All these contacts are stored in the cloud and are synchronized with the web app, tablets, and smartphones. You can access your address book even when there is no internet.

You can have full control over your contacts; either keep your contacts in private or share them with only specific teams when necessary. This app grants privacy and security. Assign roles to you and your team to write, read, contribute and edit. The available roles are: the admin, contributor, reviewer and editor.

6.External partners, campaigns, work teams & export contacts

You can even invite external partners who are not part of your organization to access your address book.

You can send email and SMS campaigns and track your success using rich insights.

You can create teams based on departments in the organization and assign roles for those specific teams.

With this software, selected contacts can be exported to a CSV or Excel file and you can send, import or edit them to any other platforms. And you can keep backup shots of your contacts.

7.Tags, custom caller id, Zapier & backup’s

You can also use keywords to tag your contacts, manage them or search for them easily.

You can customize which fields can appear in caller id along with the contact name like company name etc.

Furthermore, Pobuca Connect integrates with Zapier and can be connected with all your favourite apps. It automates workflow and connects with different platforms to update your contacts with their business details.

In addition, Pobuca Connect professional service team can design custom database backups that align with your policies. They can either store the backup to the cloud or send them to you using dedicated hardware.

  1. A customizable interface, clean-up, PBX & MS Active Directory

Even if you need a customization of any feature or an interface different from the default, Pobuca is all up for it. It identifies duplicate or missing data and updates your contacts. It also connects your contacts with their social media profiles.

Using LDAP and PBX integration, you can even sync contact lists with your desk phone directories also.

You can report any software bugs or technical problems to Pobuca Connect support team to fix them for you immediately.

With active directory integration, you can provide your users with a common identity to access both cloud services and on-premises applications.


A user can request a Pobuca Connect demo and exlore all its helpful features. You can select plans like free, $3/month for pro and $5/month for the enterprise. You can cancel or change your plan at any time. Pobuca Connect is available for Outlook, Windows, Android, Mac, and iPhone.

Don’t wait any longer! If you’re looking for ways to manage your contacts and boost your business productivity, you can’t go wrong with Pobuca Connect!