Shopping around for broadband could save your startup a small fortune


Shopping around for broadband could save your startup a small fortune

Shopping for broadband can be quite a confusing business. There are many options in 2017 for broadband packages, with variation in speeds, line rental, the amount of data you are able to download as well as add on’s such as phone use. Choosing the right option is crucial for your startup as getting the best deal on broadband can influence your profit margin. In this guide, we will help you make sense of choosing the right broadband package for your new business and get you started so that you can concentrate on selling your product.

Think about what you need for your startup

Before you even start shopping for broadband, it is really important that you understand what it is that you need from a broadband package for your business. First of all, consider what role broadband will play in your business. Is your business purely internet based? If so then you will be spending the majority of your time online and so you will require a fast internet connection to ensure there is no hanging around, as well as the ability to download an unlimited amount of data.

It would not be a good idea, therefore, choosing a broadband package that cap’s the amount of data you can download every month. A fibre optic connection may be a good idea in this scenario. However, if the use of broadband is going to play a small role in your business you might be able to choose a package with lower download speeds and save some money.

Many broadband packages also include a phone package. This is often worthwhile having, but again it is really important to consider your unique situation and if this would be cost effective.

Search for the best broadband deals

The best broadband deals available can of course be found online. A lot of companies still will place an extra discount on their products and services if you sign up online and broadband is no exception. The best way to find the right deal is by using a comparison website. There are now a few that will compare business broadband deals.

To find them, perform a quick search with your favourite search engine. This could save you hours of searching. These comparison websites will provide you with several quotes for the best broadband deals in your area. Each option should include the cost of the broadband itself, the initial term and the cost of the line rental you would need to pay. The price will vary not only between providers, but also on the speed of the connection and also the amount of data that you can download.

The other thing that is important to consider is the minimum term of the broadband. Many new packages have a contract length of between a year and 18 months. Consider if you are likely to need to change providers in that time for any reason as if you do need to leave then there could be considerable cancellation charges to pay.

However, after the initial contract period you will then be free to review your broadband usage and look at signing up to a better deal once more. Many people forget to review their broadband package after the initial contract. This is really important to make sure that you are consistently getting the best deal for your new business.

Watching out for promotions

Many new broadband packages will come with an incentive to encourage you to sign up. This might be half price broadband for 6 months, for example. It is really important that you understand the promotion, what you will be paying for 6 months and more importantly, what you will be paying after the promotion period. Many businesses forget that the package that they signed up will become more expensive after the promotional period so you need to make sure that you factor this into your purchase.

Choosing the best broadband deal can be quite a complex process, as there really is a lot to think about and consider when choosing a package. However, if you give it the thought that it needs you will get a great deal on broadband for your new start up.