In a world where technology advances so fast and gadgets are upgraded only months after you spent a rather great amount of money on the latest product of a certain favorite company, substituting the old model for the one that was barely released seems like the most logical thing to do.

However, is it, really?

It is true that among smartphones and tablets, the improvements are so significant that you might get the feeling of being left behind. Some are even known for stopping updates after several generations of new devices reach the market.

Nevertheless, in the video game world, things are slightly different, especially amid companies that focus solely on engineering and selling game consoles, such as PlayStation. Because these organizations’ main objective is to deliver the greatest possible experience for gamers, their products hit the stores only after a long time of working on them and making sure that no better improvements can’t be achieved in a couple of years, at the very least.

PlayStation and Virtual Reality

A little more than a year ago, the pioneers in video games, PlayStation, released their first VR headset to play with, initially called Project Morpheus which then officially changed to PSVR. The impact of the gadget was such that by June of 2017, they had sold over a million units thus significantly surpassing the company’s expectation.

The PSVR comes with the main headset, the processor unit, several types of needed cables and stereo headphones. It can be connected only to PS4 or PS4 Pro, the upgraded version of the former, and can play both VR games or normal PS video games via the “Cinematic Mode”.

This means that unless you are one of the small percentages of people that feels dizzy and gets headaches from wearing VR headsets, buying the PSVR sound like a good idea altogether. Don’t forget the travel case as well.

Nevertheless, it has been over a year since it hit the video game market. Does this mean that there is a new generation of PSVR on the way? And if so, when is it scheduled for release? Will it be soon enough so that those who are currently interested in buying the PSVR headset should wait until PSVR 2 comes out?

The Latest PSVR News

Upon research directly on the official PlayStation website, you can easily note that half a year ago, on November 10, 2017, the original PSVR received a well-desired upgrade that included several minor changes.

These improvements, however, do not count as the PSVR 2 and PlayStation still considers them to be a part of their first generation of VR, only of a second series. Among the changes were the overall size and weight of the processor unit, the weight of the VR headset and, of course, the now enabled HDR feature that was missing from the first released series.

However, in general, both headsets have the same specs and those who already acquired the first series might not find it worth it to sell and buy the newest version, especially since it has been proven that buying a $20 adapter can let them project the PlayStation on HDR, 4k TVs.

As for PlayStation themselves, no one has mentioned a single word about the possibility of releasing a bigger upgrade any time from now, and knowing how the company usually evolves, two or three years might pass before they are ready for a PSVR 2, which might not come out before PS5. After all, PS4 Pro just came out.

Should You Buy PSVR?

Absolutely yes. If you are already interested in the VR headset, the best idea is to go to a store and try it out. It might turn out helpful to know if you will be vomiting or having headaches before buying it. Nevertheless, if you have already used them and marveled at the possibilities that PSVR offers, you should definitely make the investment.

Keep in mind that if you ever want to see an upgraded PSVR 2 being released somewhere along the upcoming years, you, as a gamer, can make it happen by supporting the product so that PlayStation can see a future in it and invests on its improvements and evolution. Storage case for traveling, if you have one, should be compatible.

PSVR 2 won’t be hitting the market the next year, though, so unless you are willing to sit and wait for the newest arrival, we suggest you buy the current PSVR series and immerse yourself in the ever-growing world of Virtual Reality.