Signs You are Ready to Finally Leave Your Day Job


How long have you wanted to leave your day job? Despite the fact that you have tried several times, you still ended up tearing up your resignation letter and cancelling your plans. You feel like you are still not financially capable of leaving the job you have now, and you should still be there.

Nevertheless, you don’t stop dreaming of owning a business or pursuing other goals, and leaving your current job. Here’s how you know that you are ready to let go and chase your dreams.

You have already learned a lot

The business that you are starting is more or less similar to what you have experienced working in the past. You have worked not just to help the company but to also help yourself. You want to learn from the best. You may have already done it before and you want to use this knowledge to your advantage. This is your chance to put it to good use. You now feel more confident to have your own business because you have already tried doing similar things in the past.


You know your market

You may have already started introducing your planned business to other people. You have also done a feasibility study and the results were positive. You already have ways to reach out to your target market. This is a good start. You will move ahead in the right direction if you really know your market and how to please them. Develop your network so that you can advertise to them when needed. Without reliable clients, your business will not succeed.


You have enough savings

Leaving your day job means that you will be losing your steady source of income. You will also be using money to serve as capital for your business. You should have enough to spare while waiting for your business to grow. You can’t expect the business to become an overnight success. There are lots of hurdles along the way. You must also know where to get money if you end up using all your savings or your business is still not doing as well as you would have hoped it would be. Create backup plans since life still goes on even if you no longer have a steady source of income and your business is still moving slowly.


You really want to do it

In the end, it is your passion that will help you become a successful businessman like Cameron Poetzscher. You might have a lot of challenges along the way, but if you really want to do it, you can make it. If you don’t feel passionate about what you want to start as a business just yet, don’t do it. Once your mind tells you this is what you want, and this is the path you wish to take, you will know you are ready to leave your day job and start the business.

You will risk a lot if you wish to make your dreams a reality. Your heart will tell you once you are finally ready to make it happen. Once it says so, leave everything behind and go for your dreams, it is time to take that big leap. It might be scary at times, but with passion and determination, you can succeed in your new business.