Similarities between a start up and a music band


At present the startup companies are being compared to music bands. Both of these a lot of similarities. Music bands create demo tapes, start playing gigs wherever they have a chance, form a network with similar bands etc. Similarly with startups too, people of different skills gather together, create their prototype and begin to develop their network with other startups and investors.

Years ago, to join a music band was the coolest thing to do especially by the youth. When they had trouble with the funds they would save their pocket money, practice in the basements and garages of their home. These days the definition of cool is a little changed, it is to create a social media startup. Here are 8 similarites between the music band and a startup.

1. Music bands in the past are a kind of facebook today

No one had imagined that strumming the chords and beating the drums would turn into a legend. The example of such band is “Nirvana”. Facebook is similar to the band. The popularity of the startups was just beginning when facebook started. It had all newbies. Music bands are a hit when heard by the masses in large numbers, similarly, it is cool when your new startup becomes popular amidst people.

2. Music bands

in yesteryears would use whatever instruments they could lay their hands on, similarly a new start up can be popular with just a little startup cost, personal computer has all the basic tools to run your own start ups. Like simple things made music bands popular in the yesteryears, same is the case with startups, small beginnings lead way to great success, take facebook for example.

3. Passion is the driving force for music bands

in the past and the startups in the present day. Just like music band loved and had great passion for playing the instruments, in the digital age people are driven by passion to take their startups to great heights.

4. Contact is one other thing common between music bands and startups.

Once a music band is assembled they look for a gig. They remain in search for a contact all the time. so is the digital startups, where entrepreneur makes a constant effort to develop contacts whether online through social media or through direct contact.

5. Music band’s job is to not just play their instruments they promote their talent too.

They record music, publicize them, create their record covers, print their labels etc. so are the new startups, people have to create their own website, tweet, design apps and do anything and everything to promote their product.

6. Self promotion is the next common thing.

Music bands promote themselves by distributing flyers, demo tapes, add etc. Start ups are self promoted by designing blogs, sending emails, newsletters, creating a page on twitter, facebook etc and attract people and promote themselves.

7. Music tours and digital media startups network.

They both are one and the same. Music bands tour to different places to get popular whereas the startups can do it using the digital media. They can sit at the comfort of their homes and become popular.

8. The last but not the least thing that is common is, customers for startups and fans for music band.

They both have to be treated with respect and gratitude needs to be shown. This is very important if they want to survive.
It is tough competition out there and in order to survive and be successful service has to be excellent to the customers or fans. If you keep this in mind you will be a great survivor and successful too.