Simple Steps to Leaflet Printing


If you own your own business then you will know the benefits of having leaflets to give out to your customers and potential customers.  They are a great form of marketing that doesn’t have to cost a lot.  It is also a very effective way of reaching your audience.

Here are a few simple tips when considering having your leaflets printed for your business.

Better to order more leaflets than not enough.  It is always better to get more leaflets than you anticipate, as you do not want to run out.  If you are ordering your leaflets from a distributor, who is not local to you then you especially want to be mindful of how many you order as you will have to wait for more to be sent to you.  If you do not order enough this can be extremely frustrating especially if there is an offer or a coupon which is time sensitive printed on your leaflets.

Budget is another great thing to think about.  Set your budget to what you can afford and see what leaflets can be printed within that budget.  You do not want to scrimp on this though as it is a first impression on your business how your leaflets look and feel to your customers.

The design of your leaflets is another great first impression.  So, you really want to spend time on thinking about how you want your overall design of your leaflets to look.  According to Alan from leaflet distribution company Compass Distribution “Do not include too much information as it can appear messy, keep it simple and get your message across clearly.  If you want to include an offer or a coupon then do so but keep in mind the time frame of the printing and delivering the leaflets.  Do not make your logo too big either.”

You will also have to think about how you would like your leaflets distributed.  Do you want them to be included into magazines or newspapers as an extra, or are they being delivered door to door?  If they are being delivered door to door then use a reliable leaflet distribution company.  You want to reach as many people as possible with your leaflets so this is an important aspect to think about.  You can also put them on car windscreens or include them in supermarkets for people to pick up.

It is not just the print design that matters it is also the type of paper and quality that it is printed onto.  The thickness, and the overall quality of the leaflet is very important too.  If you spend a long time thinking about your design and your leaflets you do not want to ruin it by choosing cheap, thin paper.

Be unique.  It is a common fault that some people send out generic leaflets.  You only have a few seconds to make an impression to your customers.  So, stand out from the crowd and make your leaflet unique to your brand so people cannot forget you and your business.