Simple Yet Powerful SEO Techniques That Enhance Search Rankings


The world of SEO is fiercely competitive. Marketers are always on the lookout to frame new strategies that can make the search engine optimization campaigns more potent and forceful but without taking recourse to the infamous black hat techniques. Cliché though it might sound, doing the basics right and sticking to simple methods provide better returns. It shows the easy way to improve search rankings without losing sight of the target.  Every marketer dreams of placing the website among the top ranks on the first page of SERP consistently by using methods that have given proven results. Although CTR or click through rate is not a factor to consider for finding favor with search algorithm its power in influencing rankings should never be ignored. Read on to know more about this and other methods of rank improvement.

Enhance engagement and CTR

All pages of your website are equally important in attracting viewers and engaging them for an extended period even though you might find that some pages are performing below par. The task is to identify such pages with the help of data generated from Google Analytics and then take corrective action. Obtaining the data on landing pages by using Google Analytics would reveal the pages that are high on impression but low in engagement. Make a list of these pages that are lagging behind in CTR and take measures for improvement.

Write captivating Meta tags

The experts at Baltimore SEO Agency are of the opinion that page titles must be as forceful as the headlines of newspapers.  Headlines must be concise but descriptive at the same time, capable of attracting viewers and arousing their interest in reading the content.  You must use keywords in the title but give more attention to what viewers expect. An ideal title would make use of special characters judiciously and even point to any video or presentation that is part of the content.  To demonstrate how much relevant the content is with the current times, you can also mention the date in the title.

Make Meta tags even better

There is a direct link between CTR and page titles as any SEO expert would know. The most accepted practice is to include keywords that have high priority into the titles, and this improves the CTR (click through rate). It has now been more than a year that Google has increased the space allotted for title tags by 17 percent. Marketers must take advantage of this opportunity to accommodate keywords in the titles with ease so that it enhances the possibilities of earning higher CTR.  Download the current Meta tags with the help of suitable tools and review the results after modification by using SERP preview tool. You could see how the modification would appear on the screen.

Search results have now become more comprehensive as you can provide relevant information about the web page in the search results. Proper use of snippets can give you the cutting edge in gaining better ranks in search results.