Why Should Small Businesses Invest in Online Marketing?

online marketing

Small businesses are competing with many different elements, both physically and digitally. With the development of technologies such as ad blockers, ways to skip through adverts and customisation of social media news feeds, it is harder than ever to get advertisements seen by relevant online audiences. Smaller businesses need to find new ways of being noticed by potential customers, in a way that is simple yet effective and drives positive results using paid media advertisements.

The secret to a successful online campaign, is getting your message across multiple different platforms, to reach out to as many people within your target audience as possible. The issue with this, is by running campaigns separately through many different sites, budgets can be spent far too quickly without seeing any real results. Small businesses have the difficulty of often having smaller budgets, so once they’ve paid for ad creation and distribution there is very little budget left to pay for distribution. If they do run, campaigns are difficult to manage across multiple platforms with smaller members of staff than larger companies, so can be extremely time consuming and could potentially lead to other areas of the day-to-day running of the business to be neglected. For this reason, campaigns are often cut short before they have any time to get going and generate positive results for the company, resulting in little or no return on investment. These issues are enough to put small businesses off running online advertising campaigns, but it shouldn’t be this way. Digital marketing campaigns are fast becoming the most effective way to build brand awareness and sales, so small businesses shouldn’t miss out because of a smaller budget and difficulties in management.

Luckily, SeeLocal is an online advertising platform that allows businesses of any size to manage multiple sites from one easy to use reporting dashboard, targeting customers in the local area. The local online advertising dashboard enables companies to view exactly how successful their campaign is on each different platform running, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Google AdWords etc. and to change aspects of the campaign to maximise return on investment. Using Seelocal’s exclusive technology ‘Campaign Guard’, the campaign will automatically be paused for optimisation if it is not generating the expected results, so the worry of losing money through unsuccessful campaigns is eliminated, with a platform guaranteed to generate positive results.

Companies are therefore able to focus on providing high quality content to feature on their website and be shared on social media, that will draw attention from customers, such as blog posts and infographics to build brand awareness and draw attention from potential customers. Small businesses are often run by just a few people, so using a platform to organise and run a campaign from many different levels can save hours of time, allowing for more time to focus on the business itself, not worrying about digital marketing campaigns losing money and not generating positive results.

Local online marketing is worth the investment from companies of all sizes, as it helps the company to build a relationship and reputation with customers in the local area, who are more likely to repeatedly purchase the product or service multiple times than longer-distance customers once a positive reputation has been built up.