Small businesses Obstacles and startup problems


When deciding to open your company, you need to determine your goals. It is also a must to beforehand analyze the problems faced by most start-ups.

Differences between small business and start-up

Ideally, any startup has an innovative idea. This type of business is initially planned as a global company in the future. A small business from the first day is focused on getting the maximum revenue. Think of a small cafe or shop, whose success and very existence re related to their ability to earn cash.

Assets of small business are quite simple to calculate. They include premises, equipment, raw materials. Assets of a startup are its intellectual property, the number of users on the Internet, the novelty of the idea.

The risk associated with investing in a traditional small business is predictable. On contrary,  might be so complex or even bizarre that a standard accounting approach can’t be applied. But in the case of rapid capitalization investments will bring incomparably greater profits.

The problems of opening a small business


  • The state supports large companies;
  • Accounting can be difficult;
  • Receivables

Startup difficulties

Create a business plan for a startup is no small potatoes. Because of the inability to calculate the reaction of potential customers in some cases you will need to make a bold assumption. You need to specify how much the development will cost and the approximate number of sales. Unlike a traditional business, the start-up can rely on VC in its early stages.

How to avoid trouble when starting a business

  • Before launching, conduct market and target audience analysis;
  • Determine a unique trading proposal;
  • Correctly design and advertise the product / service;
  • Optimize all processes based on the analysis of competitors;
  • Be sure to learn and respond to feedback from customers;
  • Quality control at all stages.


Common problems for all types of businesses are to attract reliable employees, to search for great suppliers, to predict the spontaneous reaction of consumers. Be ready that your start-up will require more time and effort than you can imagine! No one is protected from the unexpected.

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