Smart Phones are Raising Business Standards


Modern Technology is revolutionising the way that business is now done.  Specifically the thousands of applications that are available for the latest smart phones are revolutionising how business is done.

Applications such as Facebook, Twitter and Trustpilot enable people to instantly influence their social circle by leaving feedback and reviews for services that they have used. As smart phones have enabled this to be done quickly and easily they are bringing about a change in attitude from businesses. They are helping to drive forward a new approach where businesses realise how important customer satisfaction is and are helping to improve the standard of service businesses are providing to clients.


In addition to improving the quality of service that we receive, the latest phone apps are enabling users to do tasks that previously were only possible on pcs. A good example of this is the  international courier service UK  based Courierpoint Ltd.  Through a smart phone you can now get an instant quote for sending parcels anywhere, including sending a  parcel to India from UK  and even book your collection through your phone.  I think that access to new apps is enabling us to check prices and services for anything from anywhere. Ensuring that customers are getting the best service and price in the marketplace before any purchases are made. More and more of these apps are coming to market that are focused on making our lives easier, helping us to make the best decisions that we can and improving our lives by achieving this aim.

They are also providing instant access to reviews for businesses in the vicinity of the phone. The GPS location facilities So you can search for restaurant recommendations to ensure that you frequent establishments only with good reviews. This again is helping to raise the standard to service that businesses have to provide to stay busy attract customers.

New figures show that mobile app expenditure is reaching over $15 billion annually. This increase is driven by the rise of smart phone and tablet use, with over 2 billion smart phones and tablets in use by the end of 2013. Use of apps to leave feedback on businesses is set to continue and services that we all use will only benefit from this. Gone are the days where clients could hold on phones waiting for 20 minutes for calls to be answered, and long may it stay that way.