So You Want to Print a Calendar? 5 Calendar Printing Tips


One would think that in this digital age, automated intelligent techniques would have long out-shone traditional methods in any business process by now. But print is an exception.

Yes, print marketing is still one of the most important ingredients of any modern marketing mix. Flyers, brochures, postcards and notecards are part of the direct mail campaigns of many businesses. And according to the Canada Post, catalogues have also made a huge comeback now.

It seems evident that print does have a significant influence on human beings. Neuroscience also vouches for the benefits of hard copy marketing and how it induces customers to respond, more than in the case of digital marketing channel.

This is probably why businesses have still not stopped getting their end-of-the-year calendars printed out and sent to their customers. They are in fact one of the most anticipated printed marketing copies that any business releases for the year.

If you are in business looking for calendar printing Edmonton has some of the best options for you in the country. And while you’re at it, here are 5 tips that you need to keep in mind when designing your calendar with your service provider.

Maintain consistency in terms of design

 It is very important to keep your designs consistent with your brand voice. In all the elements of design including your font, your typography, your images and your overall theme, your brand voice should be reflected in the best possible way. Apart from that, all the elements of your calendar should be in sync with the calendar theme as well.

Use only the highest quality images

 This comes off as a no-brainer but very often unclear or blurry images completely destroy the theme and the message intended to be conveyed through calendars. Hence, you need to sit with your designers and pick images that are of the highest quality only. Additionally, make sure they have a deep meaning and that they convey your ideas in a subtle but firm way.

Calibrate your devices

 This is by far the one thing that ends up going wrong in almost all cases of printing. The color that you see on your system’s monitor is not going to be exactly the same as what ends up getting printed in real life. This is because monitors work on an RGB color model and most printers work on a CMYK model. Hence make sure you calibrate your devices to the same color mode so that you don’t get any surprises in the end.


Always safe to use a template

 Print service providers will most likely have a set of great templates that suit different business models. It is always safe to pick one from the templates as they will have almost all possible issues like alignment, margins etc. already taken care of. If at all you need anything extra, you can always work on the template.

Don’t forget to keep it functional

 Amidst the whole attraction extravaganza, don’t forget the functionality aspect of your calendar. Do not go too overboard with the graphic elements and keep it classy. Most importantly, let the dates be the focus of the calendar, and allow one graphic element to be the primary focus.