It’s no secret that social media marketing is rapidly replacing the traditional methods of marketing. It has a massive following of billions of users that provide the perfect platforms for all types of businesses to grow. Social media platforms are many with diverse and unique content that is shared across different demographics. In case you are pressed for monetary resources to market your brand, social media will accommodate you reasonably.

Recently, almost every business is on social media.You are likely to find companies with similar brands as yours. Whenyou are starting, and you find fierce competition you will face challenges when trying to breakthrough in the market.You can therefore not afford to make common mistakes. Not all businesses perform according to expectations of social media.To distinguish yourself from failure to successful performance avoid these mistakes.

Failure to measure your success

It is essential to take annual or monthly analytics on your brand to determine the performance and traffic of your social media marketing strategies. This analytics will show you areas that need improvements and those that are doing well.

When you fail to measure your success rates, there is a chance of continued use of strategies that are bringing harm than good to your brand. You will not also be in a position to reward yourself or staff for an excellent job.Lack of motivation creates a decrease in performance.

Ignoring paid marketing tools


Creating social media platforms may be free but building a successful brand on the internet maybe not. For the desired success, a significant following on social media is a must. Otherwise how else will you get potential clients?

With this in mind, well-established brands are likely not to experience challenges when it comes to mobilizing users to recognize them. Small businesses, on the other hand, might face challenges when it comes to creating awareness concerning their brands. It is necessary for them to consider investing in affordable social media advertisement tools. Purchasing ads will increase the popularity of your brands, and people will take some interest in you giving you a chance to create a following of potential loyal clients.

Failure to promote your brand after posting your content.

Many businesses have fallen victim to the post and leave habit. They will create a content post on their platforms and fail to reach out to their audience. For the small businesses, this is very wrong since you do not have a huge following that will view your post. For the well-established brands, this will work since they already have a considerable audience.

It would, therefore, be wise for the small businesses to adopt paid advertising on these social media platforms whereby they can get a huge following increasing their brand’s visibility. For those businesses who choose to use Instagram, igautolike allows you to access Instagram auto followers a service that helps you get instant followers on your platform. Reaching a vast following will grow your popularity, therefore, promoting yourbusiness. Rememberto keep your audience entertained and let them have fun on your site.

Inefficient reputation management


Creating a good reputation is very important for your brand on social media. A negative reputation will prevent your brand from growing since it tends to chase away clients and partners as well. Building a good reputation entails creating good content. When you post your content be sure to respond to clients accordingly.

For every negative comment ensure to use professionalism and gently explain to your followers and leave them satisfied. If you see sense in what the user was concerned about be sure to incorporate that in your brand hence building trust. Taking down negative comments creates a high level of mistrust and is very hurtful to your brand.

Lack of a social media team.

A social media team that is well trained to respond to your clients will improve the quality of your brand on social media. Having a team monitor your platforms activity means that your brand gets quicker responses and efficient customer service. A team makes sure that no comments go unresponded.

When your business is small having a large team managing your account will not make any sense since you might not have a huge following.You can have one of your employees do it for you. For the well-established brand, a big team is necessary for they are likely to have a massive audience and comments might be coming in every second.Consider assigning one person to one platform for consistency.

Inappropriate customer support language.

customer support

Some brands have used nudity, foul language,violence,drug abuse successfully.While you might be tempted to use this approach, it is highly discouraged.What works for them might not work for you.You should take your brand and audience into much consideration. A failure in the usage of this strategy could cripple your brand from moral standing.

Failure to respond to your followers

It is essential for a brand to understand that people are embracing social media customer’s support system significantly. It will be useful for a brand to respond to every customer’s concern professionally.

When you ignore the responses of your users especially the negative ones, you are likely to create a bad vibe that leads to a lack of trust. When your customers do not trust you, they are likely to refrain from using your products which can hurt your brand. When you build a brand on social media always make sure to engage your users in every way possible.

You are using only one social media platform.

Multiple social media platforms should be utilized. Creating only one platform for your brand is not appropriate since you need to create awareness of your brand intensively.You can end up missing so many potential users of your brand on other platforms. Using the primary platforms is highly recommended since you get to maximize your chances at growing your brand.


To avoid making any of these mistakes you should employ social media policies to your marketing strategies. Ifyou have employees, provide them with training on the policies. Mistakes once made are hard to overcome since the internet never forgets. Avoiding them will create a positive reputation for your brand.