Humans are social beings, and for this reason, the world has embraced social media faster than anything else. With over 2 billion people on social media, it is clear that majority of your customers spend their time online. Therefore, it is necessary for you to scale your social presence so that you can boost customer loyalty and reach. Here are seven ways of scaling your social media business in 2019.

1. Chatbots

More individuals are utilizing messaging apps than social-media sites to link with their brands and friends. Hence, limiting your strategy to only Twitter and Facebook updates means losing essential opportunities to a valuable resource. Surprisingly, chatbots provide an excellent way to utilize messaging features of these platforms to your advantage.

Chatbots make it possible to interact with your audience quickly in a personal manner. You can personalize the voice of your brand and send customized content directly to your audience depending on their prompts. Chatbots aid in delivering more personalized content at the right time, increase engagement and offer better service. Since barriers to entry are low, consider using chatbots in 2019.

2. Instagram Stories

Nowadays, the most significant content has a short lifespan. This has been seen in Snapchat and Instagram stories where content does not last for more than 24 hours. Instagram stories have become famous in allowing the user to progressively update their accounts, increase followers, and keep them engaged.

Instagram stories have become significant to brands of any kind since you don’t need to invest a lot in a video to optimize it. It has become over twice as popular as Snapchat, and any smart business needs to leverage the opportunity. You can share behind-the-scenes videos and images ( you can do reverse image search ) that offer your audience a view of your culture and values without investing any money. You can do this as many times as possible without overwhelming your followers with multiple posts.

3. Social Listening

Engaging with the audience is a prerequisite to marketing. However, numerous marketers forget the significance of listening to the audience in the equation of engagement. Social listening is the analysis of particular conversations, phrases, and other information on the social media pages of your brand and competitors. This is a growing part of competitive social strategies.

As opposed to just looking at the posts and guessing, tools for social listening will let you determine patterns and gather essential interpretations of their data. Leveraging these interpretations can critically be beneficial to your marketing campaigns in the future and offer you a competitive edge offer other firms that flood their social media pages with content instead of engaging the audience.

4. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads

One thing that is always the same in the world of social media is the advertisements’ ubiquity. According to research, 66 percent of marketers in the B2B industry use paid means to distribute content, and 80 percent stated that they used those means to target a new audience. Therefore, as a business, you don’t want to turn your audience off with invasive and impersonal ads.

For this reason, LinkedIn is releasing new ad features that solve this problem. LinkedIn Dynamic Ads allow you to customize paid ad content and boost communication that is more authentic. Personalizing content from the start aids in breaking down barriers to trust early enough to be significant.

5. User-generated Content

As opposed to spending a lot of time crafting authentic social media content hoping that your audience will love it, you can depend on content generated by your users to engage better and more authentically.

Begin getting the best content from your audience, and consider putting that content on your profile and offering credit to the creator. It can aid in growing your user base and offer your users a sense of connection. Since organic reach is declining, sharing original content generated by the users can assist you in building powerful relationships and connecting with your followers.

6. Social CEOs

A prominent change in the digital age is the perception of people about leaders of companies. People are no longer appealed by the stereotype of an enigmatic CEO operating away in the corner office. Additionally, the public has lost its trust in institutions. Therefore, companies need to use their resources to create an online presence.

In 2019, as a CEO, you require using social media to share your insights, listen to your audience, and connect to your community. You may be busy running your business, but in 2019, being active on social media is part of doing business.

7. Employee Brand Ambassador

In 2019, you need to improve the awareness of your brand and boost results by leveraging your staff. Employee advocacy is the act of promoting the message of a company with the help of its employees, and social media is the ideal place for doing it. The audience of your employees might be small, but it remains highly engaged. Therefore, when a staff member aids in promoting the message of the company, it can be critical to the brand reach and awareness, social media engagement, and website traffic of the company.

You need to take time to come up with an employee advocacy campaign. Discover ways to offer motivation to your team for them to share your content and create a company culture that allows the growth of advocacy. Develop clear guidelines since you don’t want people to share the wrong content or hinder the image of your company. Also, develop relevant and curate content. Additionally, come up with a system with ease of following since employees require being able to access content easily and share it efficiently and quickly.

You can even find platforms that assist in facilitating employee advocacy and engagement by offering an internal content hub, where the staff can obtain all the shareable content of the company and schedule posts for their social presences.

Failure to of your business to scale its reach in social media can lead to millions of lost revenue and loss of customers to the competition who are scaling their social media business. If you find it hard to market through social media, you can always take a short online course and learn the basics. Scale your social media business in 2019.