Shopify POS allows you to make seamless transactions with your customers, whether in an online, in-store or a pop-up setting. With Shopify POS, you can accept any form of payment while tracking and managing inventory across channels. Not only that, the process is very simple and allows you to easily apply discounts, customize taxes and process refunds.

Shopify POS allows you to make streamlined transactions

To provide more clarity on the payment and related queries, here is a set of FAQs you can refer to.

1.Which Are The Modes And Methods Of Payment That Customers Can Use?

With Shopify POS, if you are using an iPhone or an iPad, you can use almost any mode of payment. In Canada as well as in the United States, you have the option to swipe credit cards using your iPhone and iPad. The card reader can be used to accept credit and debit card payments by simply tapping, inserting or swiping cards. You can also manually enter card information. Typically, card readers are small card-swipe devices plugging into Shopify POS devices. These are usually separate, standalone pieces of hardware.

If you are from the United Kingdom, Canada, United States or Ireland, then you have the option of accepting credit cards and also the option of contactless payment with the EMV-compliant Tip, Chip and Swipe Card-reader.

Those living outside of Canada, USA , Ireland and UK may rent external credit card terminals from payment processors or even buy them. Credit card terminals are those devices which can be used to accept payments by credit cards and debit cards. For those using Shopify POS on Android devices, credit card and debit card payments can be accepted. Swipe card readers (audio-jack) can also be used to swipe credit cards.

  1. Can Payments Be Split On Shopify POS?

 With Shopify POS for iPhone or iPad, you can provide multiple payment gateways for a given transaction. You also have the option of offering partial payments through which you can accept the balance payments at a later time.

  1. Do I Have the Option Of Setting Up My Own Payment Terminal?

 When you are using Shopify POS on an iPad, there is an option for providing customized payment terminals within the Shopify POS app. You may offer debit card, IOU, credit card or other modes of payment. Payment modes can also be set as per the options you provide on the Shopify POS app for your iPhone. In the Shopify App for Android devices, Swipe card readers can be used.

  1. Can Refunds Be Offered On the Shopify POS app?

If a purchase has been made on the app for Shopify POS, then you can find the option of refunding a purchase in case you are using Shopify POS on your iPad. When you are using the Shopify POS app on Android devices or your iPhone, then you have the option of making refunds on a purchase by heading to the Shopify Admin or the app for Shopify.

  1. What is The Procedure For Exchange of an Item on the app for Shopify POS?

 For exchanging an item on the app for Shopify POS, the procedure essentially involves refunding on the item for purchase. You have the option of offering a new item for the item you returned. In case of a difference between the prices, you may either collect the difference or you have the option of making the remainder payment during the process of exchange.

  1. Does Shopify POS Incur Transaction Fees or Any Hidden Fees?

There is no additional transaction fee on POS orders. It is only credit card processing fees that you need to pay when you use the Shopify card reader or any other card payments’ provider. No charges will be made when you accept other modes for payment including cash or even external debit cards.

  1. Is it Possible To Use Shopify Card Reader When Traveling Outside Canada, United Kingdom, United States of America or Ireland?

 For any store based in the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland or Canada, a Shopify Card Reader may be used to accept any credit card payments from any part of the world, as long as you have an internet connection.

  1. Is There an Option For Using Gift Cards With Shopify POS?

 You can use and offer gift cards to your customers if you have the Shopify plan or a higher one. The process for adding as well as activating your gift card is also very simple and streamlined.

  1. What Should Be Done In Case Of Lost Gift Cards?

 In case your customer loses your gift card or its details, then it can be disabled from the Shopify POS. From the Shopify Admin, a new gift card can be issued, entirely free of cost.

  1. What About Refunds On Gift Cards Offered Through Shopify POS?

 There is an option of making refunds on the very same gift cards that were used for making a purchase on Shopify POS. The balance would automatically be redeemed on the gift card.

  1. Is There An Option Of Refunding A Gift Card On Shopify POS?

 Just as other items on Shopify Point of sale machine, your gift cards can also be refunded when a customer wishes to make a return. In such cases the gift cards will have to be disabled.