Spring Business Resolutions: How to Improve Employee Engagement


Back in January, you resolved to take tangible steps to improve a number of issues around your company — first and foremost, employee engagement. You had noticed that while you have plenty of team members who feel connected to your company, you can sense that others have checked out and a few have made it a habit to complain to their co-workers about their jobs.

Spring is almost over and those New Year’s Resolutions might still be waiting to be tackled. That’s okay, that’s the beauty of resolutions; they don’t have to be launched only in January. In fact, now is a great time to pick up those goals, dust them off and start taking steps to improve your entire team’s sense of engagement. Here’s how to get started.

Encourage Your Team to Feel Empowered

In order to boost employee engagement, Gallup notes managers and employees alike must feel empowered to make key differences in their immediate environment. It is important to remember that your team is knowledgeable about your company, its products and services, and your customers, so it makes sense that they will probably have some terrific ideas on how to improve your business as a whole. Call in members of your team either individually or in small groups and let them know that you are eager to hear their feedback — both positive and negative — about your company and how they feel you can improve certain things. Make it clear that you value their opinions and that you know they are on the front lines with the customers. This one step alone will boost your team’s sense of engagement at work, because they will know that you are truly listening to them and valuing their opinions.

Make Some Physical Improvements Around the Company

Another way to help improve your team’s sense of commitment to your business is by making some improvements to the office. It can be hard to be devoted to your job when your office chair is missing a wheel, the employee break room is painted industrial green and your parking lot is not well lit. Take an honest look at what needs to be upgraded and fix anything that is broken, shabby or unsafe. For example, in addition to adding lighting to your parking lot, you might consider investing in a security camera system that will help everyone to feel more safe and secure while they are at work. Either upgrade or install new security cameras. You can choose from wired-in versions, as well as wireless and wire-free cameras, and install them in and around your company, including the parking lot, entranceways, storage rooms and other spots.

Volunteer Together

As Inside.6q.io notes, business owners should consider supporting at least one charitable organization and then encouraging their team to get involved helping the non-profit in some way. Volunteering together is an effective way to boost employee engagement because it helps people to feel good about themselves, work as a team and see that the company is devoted to giving back to the community. To improve engagement even more, poll your team and ask for suggestions as to which charities to support, and then if possible, schedule a few hours during the work day now and then for the employees to volunteer together.

A Happy Employee Equals a Productive Employee

It is reassuring to know that you can always work on your company goals; there is no time like the present to start taking specific steps to boost employee morale and engagement. As you implement the aforementioned ideas, you should find that those cranky complainers are feeling happier, as is the rest of your team.