Spy On An iPhone User 

With an instant hike in the number of cell phone spy apps in the market (people too much demanding?), we can’t help but come to the conclusion straightaway that people want to find out not only truth but they want hard evidence as well. They want to control things, monitor and keep a close watch on the activities of people, especially the near and dear ones. They want to accomplish all this in a super stealth way but in their own privacy.



Spymaster Pro has been in the field of cell phone monitoring and spy apps for quite a while now. The brand understands your core need of keeping a track of either your loved ones or employees, which is why they’re best in what they do. Basically, Spymaster Pro is a smartphone monitoring app that makes sure that you’re provided with best ways to track Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphones secretly.

How Does Spymaster Pro Work With iPhone?

Be it any iOS version, Spymaster Pro has been designed to work with all the jailbreaks of the version OS 2.x up to 6.x. Its compatibility with the different iOS makes it much easier for people to secretly monitor any iPhone. The app is packed with advanced monitoring features which (are not offered by other apps!) makes it the only cell phone spy app that monitors iPhone. The app is highly user friendly and the interface of the user account is very easy for you to navigate and browse the recorded information.

With Spymaster Pro iPhone Spy Software you can easily monitor the following information:

Call Logs

Spymaster Pro iPhone Monitoring software gives you entire records of call logs. Be it incoming or outgoing calls, you will get the information with respect to the date and time details.

SMS Logs

You will be given full SMS logs of the monitored iPhone, i.e iMessages. The content of these text messages, whether sent or received will be recorded automatically. The messages will be saved even if they get deleted in the monitored iPhone.

GPS Location Tracking

The GPS location of your monitored iPhone user will get logged in the user account and you will be able to track their current location. Besides the current location information, you will be also able to see a history of places that the iPhone owner has visited since the app was installed in their phone.

Email Logs

As a monitoring user, you will get access to the target iPhone user’s email account that are synced with their phone. You will get to read all the sent and received emails of that particular email account. Apart from the emails, you will also get the information about sender/receiver email address.

URL Tracking

With the help of Spymaster Pro, you can see the entire web browsing history, i.e all the visited URL’s alongwith the date and time information. You will also be able to see the websites that have been bookmarked on the monitored iPhone.

Surround Listening

This feature is extremely handy because you can record and listen to the surroundings of the monitored iPhone. The monitored iPhone user won’t come to know that the phone’s mic is acting as a live recording device.

All the above mentioned features are the main ways you can get the desired information out of the iPhone. You also get the other information such as IM Tracking – Facebook, Viber and WhatsApp, but that is available in the Pro version.

The recorded information can be accessed by logging in to your Spymaster Pro account on their official website. The details pertaining to the different features will be mentioned in the account, all in an organized way. Whatever it is that you want to uncover, can be easily done by Spymaster Pro iPhone Monitoring Software. All your doubts and fears will be put to rest once you use this app!