Businesses globally are progressively implementing single sign-on across varying infrastructure to offer clients enhanced experience. Thus, companies are often in search of ways to simplify the process of accessing resources from dozens of applications with interrelated productivity and collaboration tasks through a sign-on once-and-for-all experience. This technology provides an improved and amazing experience for customers. The major aim for SSO is not entirely security but also to boost the simplicity and heightened experience of users in a bid to minimise complexity and increased satisfaction.

While it’s good we understand that security is not, in a manner of speaking, about simplicity, we must understand that most times we initiate controls that hamper user experience along the process. A clear example is the CIA, which no doubt is a symbol of security but owing to integrity and confidentiality need impede availability. This is the reason several CEOs view security as a cost-ineffective avenue that hampers smooth running of businesses.

Heightened Security Concerns

There are rising security challenges in the technologically advancing world of virtual business. Extremely commendable Single Sign-On credentials are essential to sustain businesses with client’s loyalty and trust in the vulnerable business environment. Company owners with their Information Technology decision makers must devise ways of promoting the application of strong authentication capabilities through biometrics or smart cards or even the conventional two-way factor to secure SSO. This promotes accessibility by only the right candidates.

SSO enhances compliance and security capabilities apart from boosting productivity. According to, due to the fact that many passwords are done away with, the capacity of this technology to reduce the access keys to a company’s IT assets to single password weakens its security thereby making it vulnerable to cyber attack.

The implication of this is that Single Sign-On makes available a single point of failure only when there is a security breach or moments of service downtime. Thus, if a user’s credentials are compromised, it could only result in the brute person gaining access to the entire SSO accounts.  In the light of the SSO decreasing access to risks, IT could apply password policies to ensure that passwords remain secure and could also make sure that users with revoked access shouldn’t have access to corporate resources anymore.

Beyond the Glimmer of Security Boost is Enhancement

A cursory look at the trending Single Sign-On, especially in the IT section, is the minimised Help Desk calls. When properly done, SSO will cut down on the IT support cost as well as cut off the income arising from customer churn. There is a huge need for firms to implement the SSO protocol since several findings suggest that 92% of users would rather leave a site than sticks around to tinker with password re-login.

SSO is reputable for enhancing users’ experiences through an automatic login. There are proven user-enhancement benefits of apply password policy in your establishment. Consider the uptime plus the performance metric as well as the usability and users’ experiences as major key drivers for adoption of this amazing technology in your companies. This supports the assertion of that SSO isn’t so much about security but a clear-cut means of boosting user’s computing experience. Thus, the simple gratification enjoyed by the quick access to applications and networked resources within a millisecond is deeply appreciated.

Reduction in Help Desk Cost

Knowing that they only have to keep in mind one password in order to have access to all of the corporate applications, users are thrilled to discover how best and easily they could shift their minds to other important tasks of the day. Research evidence supports that 20 – 50 percent of help desk calls are associated with password resets and with each call estimated at 15 euros, this is a clear-cut huge saving for IT departments.

Time Saving

Apart from the cost savings enjoyed by IT specialists of firms, there is no gainsaying that users recognise with gratitude when companies save effort and time in order to help them focus more on things that matter to them. SSO software that offers automated logins to communication applications and corporate intranets after providing credentials only once supports and increases user adoption of the SSO technology.

Eliminates Chances of Lock Out

With the adoption of SSO, there is a complete elimination of lockout chances of users who might enter incorrect passwords. This also eliminates the help desk task of having to ascertain if a user who submits a request is entitled to the service. Time savings is a huge plus in organisational productivity and must be seen as such.

While security experts should improve usability to solutions that protect enterprise facilities, rather than hamper productivity, SSO is just right on point to make that tremendous stride in productivity cum security without extra obvious burden to users. Beyond security authentication, it has no doubt combined perfectly enhanced user experience with reduced frustration and password fatigue.